Thursday, June 13, 2013

Know Your BOSS Style Profile By Kim Turner

BOSS™ stands for "Bringing Out Successful Sisters," and their mission is to promote and encourage the small business spirit and career development of women.  The Webster online dictionary defines boss as a person who exercises control or authority; specifically: one who directs or supervises workers.  So whether you are both a BOSS and a boss or just one; in either instance you need to look the part. 

I am sure you have heard that people judge you in three seconds and there isn’t much you can verbally share in that time so that means that they have initially gauged your abilities and competence from your appearance.  Take this in, consider it, contemplate it.  Some of you will be offended and immediately think it is shallow for people to judge you based on appearance.  Well get offended but keep reading because shallow or not; it is a fact!  Think about it…would you go to a hairstylist whose hair was unhealthy and looked bad or personal trainer who was unfit?  In both of these instances, they really could be the best at their business but you are your calling card and need to look the part. 

So how should a BOSS and/or a boss look?  Successful and Authoritative!  This does not mean you have to spend thousands of dollars on a wardrobe but it does mean making an investment in your appearance.  Here are five suggestions to get you on the right track so you can make sure you are projecting the right look:

  1. Clean out your closet
  2. .  Sounds like an easy first step but it is often hard for people because they become so attached to their clothing.  But go over every single piece in your closet.  Check to see if it is worn out (i.e. holes, frayed, etc.), if it still fits (not too tight or too big), if it is still in style and if it needs any altering (i.e. missing buttons, hems lengthened or shortened, etc.).  If it is worn out, doesn’t fit or out of style…TRASH it!  If the buttons are missing, fix them immediately!  A BOSS and a boss should not look unkempt.
  1. Evaluate your current wardrobe
  2. .  If you haven’t updated your wardrobe in the past five years, you are definitely due for some new pieces.  Yes, there are classic pieces that if well taken care of, you can wear for years but you should always incorporate new pieces to keep you look updated.  This season consider adding in some trends like green, peplum and colorblock.  You don’t have to spend a ton on these trends.  Try stores like Nordstrom Rack to get the pieces for less. 
  1. Get a good tailor
  2. . A great tailor goes a long way. This person will be a key component for helping you to get a custom fit from off the rack clothing.  I always think it is amazing when people spend thousands of dollars on clothes that don’t fit their body.  You can buy a pair of discount pants for $30 and take them to a tailor to fit your body and you will look better in your clothes than a person who spent hundreds on a pair of pants that don’t fit.  Just make sure you seek great quality – look for reinforced seams, functional buttons and pockets, and good quality fabric. Then visit a tailor to get the perfect fit – arm length, hem length, fitted waist, etc. (P.S.  My one rant!  I hate when women with large butts and small waists have a belt on that bunches up all of the fabric at the waist.  A tailor can easily take in the waist and leave room for the butt and hips.)
  1. Update your hairstyle
  2. . If you have been going to the same stylist forever you might need to find a new one to get an updated look.  This is critical!  An old hairstyle makes you look out of date.  A BOSS and a boss always want to look like they can relate to all of ages and the fast pace of changing technology.  If you look like you are still stuck in the 80s, who will think you can relate?
  1. Wear some makeup
  2. . So many of us want to say we love the natural look. But highlighting your natural beauty just helps to emphasize some of your key features (eyes, lips, etc). So stop at a makeup counter and let a makeup artist give you some highlights.

Whether you need to do one of these steps, all five or none; no one knows but you. So do your inventory and then take action.  Because that is another thing that a BOSS is and a boss does.

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