Friday, August 23, 2013

Five Reasons Your Business Is Not Growing By Raevyn Jones

When starting any business, you should always be committed to constant growth. No one should open a business to reach one level and then stop the efforts. Although growth in business can be a slow process, always make sure you are doing what it takes to reach the next level- growth is not automatic. As yourself, "what steps am I taking to take my business to the next level?" Below is a list of 5 possible reasons your business has not had a growth spurt.       

1. You Are Networking Wrong

You have probably never heard this before as most people's advice is to network, network, and network. Networking is awesome for any business, but not if you aren't doing right. When people consider networking, they always think it means go out to events and meet new people. Wrong. Sometimes it business it is less about meeting new people, and more about getting to know the people around you a little better. You never know how someone in your circle can help you unless you ask. 

2. You Don't Market Your Business Beyond Social Media
Social Media still continues to be on the rise. Each time we think that we have found a home with a social networking website, another one comes up that helps us engage with other users even further. For entrepreneurs, social media has been a gift and a curse. The gift of social media has helped small business owners expand beyond their reach without having to put out thousands of dollars for advertising. The curse of social media is that many of these small businesses would not be able to survive without it. People have gotten so immune to using social media as their only form of marketing that without it they do not have a much of a marketing plan. Whatever type of business you are in, social media should never be your only form of marketing to reach your customers and generate sales. Remember that social media can be very trendy and the next big social network may not be friendly to your particular business. 

3. You Are Allergic To Different 

When you do the same thing over and over again, you are always going to get the same results. When you do something you have never done, you get something you never got. When it comes to your business, don't be afraid to do things differently and think outside of the box. If you do what everyone else is doing then your business will just start to blend in. Creating a marketing calendar for each month of your business is a great start to make sure your strategies are not repetitive.  

4. You Don't Travel 

Traveling is essential for entrepreneurs; it exposes you and your business to different cultures and new opportunities. Traveling opens up your mind to new things and you get a chance to see how business functions in a different area. With traveling, you also get the chance to meet new people at trade shows or other industry-related business conferences. Conference and trade show participation always have a return on investment. When you travel for business, you will always be able to generate new customers and partnerships.  

5. You Don't Invest In Your Brand/Business 

Investing in yourself and your business will take you far in life. The ones who invest in their business today will continue to see growth each year, the ones who do not may not even be around in the next 5 years. If you are unwilling to invest in your business, no one else will. If you don't spend money to properly market your products or services then why should anyone buy them? If you don't spend money to travel to different places then why should your business have much reach beyond the area you live in? Investing in your business is important when it comes to time as well. You should always be making time for learning so that you continue to become better at whatever it is you do. Keep in mind that learning is a way of life; it's not just for a specific period. There is always room to learn more and get better in business, if not then you may have outgrown that particular business. 

Keep these things in mind and you are sure to see growth in your business. Don’t be afraid to try new things, create a power list of people who you already know and grow that list, and always have a good marketing strategy. Invest in your business when it comes to traveling and attending conferences to learn and create new opportunities for your business. 

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    Networking is awesome for any business. Sometimes in business it is less about meeting new people, and more about getting to know the people around you a little better. You never know how someone in your circle can help you unless you ask.
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