Monday, December 16, 2013

Don’t Boil the Ocean By Aisha Taylor

Many times we are such overachievers.  We are used to getting good grades in school, being at the top of our class, or being the go to person at work.  Therefore, it is only natural for us to try to be everything to everyone and get everything done.  We often find ourselves in a position where it is hard to say no.  How many of you already work 50-60 hours at work, but yet you find time to serve on a board, serve in the community, work out, and still find time to spend time with friends and family?  You believe that you can have it all, and you’re right.  You can have it all and you deserve to have it all. 

The problem with super achievers who want to have it all is that sometimes we are left feeling overwhelmed at the growing to-do list.  We constantly find ourselves running around like crazy and saying yes to everything.  When we take on a project or tackle a problem, we approach it with such gusto that we don’t stop until it’s not only done, but done with excellence.  This is a good attitude to have, however we have to stop and think, is our to-do list reasonable?  Are we sacrificing our health and well being for the now?  Someone once told me, that many people sacrifice their health while building wealth, but then they spend their wealth trying to get their health back.  That hit me hard, because when I believe that I’m crossing off many things on my to-do list, I’m not sleeping, not eating well, but yet everything is getting done. 

I have to ask myself, is it worth it?  Is it worth sacrificing my future health for a win today? I’m an overachiever, so the thought of not getting something done or moving it to another day, is a hard pill to swallow.  However, in the greater scheme, should it be?  The way I rationalize it to myself is, “I’m not sacrificing my today or my tomorrow, if I apply a few guiding principles to my life.”  The key to those principles is organization and taking on bite sized tasks.  I found that, I can boil a pot of water, but I can’t boil the ocean.  When I break my to-do list down to pots of water, I get more done, and I get it done with my sanity and health in tact. 

1. Begin with the end in mind.  Understand where you are trying to go and work backwards to identify your starting point and all of the deliverables in between.

2. Assign times to your tasks.  Usually we get into trouble because we over-estimate the amount of stuff that we can do in a day.  This either leads to not sleeping or feeling like we failed to not get everything done.

3. Develop a weekly view of your to do list.  Look at your to do list for the week.  It allows for rebalancing or reshuffling of tasks if needed.  Plus, it’s easier to see how much progress you made over 7 days.

4. Work with an accountability buddy.  An accountability buddy keeps you honest, but is a good source of support to help you understand when you’re doing too much, not enough or being unreasonable.

5. Resting.  Let your brain rest, so it can recharge and be ready to face the next day.

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