Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Professional Style: 10 Hot Tips By Kim Turner


I love sharing my style advice with ladies who are making it happen. Sometimes you are working so hard to heat things up that you forget to cool down and that's not good because you never want to let them see you sweat. So whether it is weather, body changes or you are simply just making sparks fly with your moves, here are 10 tips keep you professionally “cool” while you are hot:  
1. Go Au Naturale: Wear natural fabrics.   Apparel made out of cotton, linen, and even lightweight wools, is breathable and will keep you cooler than most man made fabrics.

2. Keep it Light: Wear lighter colors.  Try a tan or other light color suit.  These colors will keep you cooler than their darker counterparts.  Darker colors absorb the light from the sun.
3. Don't Button Up: Don't put on your suit jacket (or tie, men) until you get to the office; especially if you use public transportation.  You never know how well or if the air conditioning will be working.  So wait until you get to the office to button the top two buttons on your shirt, tighten your tie, and put on your suit jacket.
4. Let Loose: Wear looser clothing.  Avoiding clinging and restrictive clothing under your suit will allow your skin to breath. Try a skirt, skip the pantyhose and go for clean-shaven legs with sling backs or peep toes.  However, keep your shoes fresh and your feet from sticking to them by using no show liner socks, which are found in almost any store from Nordstroms to CVS, and made for a variety of shoe types.
5. Eliminate the Extra: Shave off and/or trim down extra body hair.  Also, clean off the back of the neck by wearing a shorter hair cut in the hot months or for women pulling it off the neck in a professional up-do or ponytail.  Hair traps heat and body odors.
6. Sprinkle on a Little: Use powder. Powders like Shower to Shower® are developed to keep your body feeling dry, fresh and comfortable throughout the day.  Shower to Shower® also claims to provide and invisible wetness protection that will prevent underarm stains and comes in a variety of scents for men and women.
7. Try Layers: Wear undershirts to absorb moisture and prevent sweat from showing up on your shirt, especially under the arms.  (Remember: cotton only and avoid the spandex, tight fitting ones.)
8. Shield It: Wear disposable underarm shields.  When a t-shirt is not enough, try placing underarm shields inside your shirt or suit to catch the sweat.  These disposable items are a great way to eliminate underarm sweat.  You can find Garment Guard disposable underarm shields in the intimate apparel section at Nordstroms or online at www.garmentguard.com.
9. Go Tox It : That means try Botox.  When injected into the armpits or palms of the hands, Botox paralyzes the sweat glands and prevents perspirat
ion for up to 6 months.
10. Drink Up: Drink plenty of water.  Drinking water can help lower and control your body temperature, keeping you cooler.  For that matter, coffee lovers, try iced coffee drinks during those hot days.
Now you have no reason to let heat keep you from looking your "Boss" best!
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Honor Your Power By Melissa Kimble


What's easier - saying something positive or wallowing in negativity? Surrounding yourself with encouraging people or going back to the same people who bring you down? Chasing your own passions and purposes or choosing to put everybody else before your own well being? As women, we tend to feel that the more weight we carry, the "stronger" and more "important" we may feel. But, what we don't often see is that the weight we've become accustomed to carrying is also dead weight. And while we like to think that we're simply helping or saving others, we're really losing ourselves. What are you honoring with your actions?

Inside of each of us, is a power that lies dormant - ready to be activated by our faith, passions, purposes, and believes. Each time we don't answer to our calling or allow others to pull us away from who we are, we loose a piece of that power. We must each make the conscious decision that we will use our power to not only serve ourselves, but serve others as well. How can we be sure that we are using our power in the right ways?

1. Honor What Makes You Unique. The beauty in our flaws and differences, is that we can always be our own unique person. What may work for you may not work for the next person and vice versa. If you take more time turning what makes you different into things that you can celebrate, you'll not only feel good about yourself but you'll tap into your own solutions for whatever issues may come along. 

2. Honor Your Mistakes. It takes a strong person to admit when you've messed up. Nothing says 'strong character' like accountability. Nothing says, 'I'm working on being a better me' more than taking control of the down sides of you life. You missed out on an opportunity because you let a bad relationship cloud your vision? You didn't give that new project your all? Didn't send that follow-up email when you should have? We've all been there. You may have lost a lot, but you will gain a new set of strength and skill from bouncing back. 

3. Honor Your Gut. I'm not talking about the unwanted weight you've been wanting to lose. Your gut, your inner voice, you instinct, you conscious, that little voice in the back of your head that tells you when something isn't right, is very crucial to listen to. One of the biggest ways to test your own power in your life? The next time your intuition tells you to take heed to something, do it and watch the outcome. You are your biggest asset. All of the choices, decisions, plans, mean nothing if you're not completely trusting yourself. 

4. Honor Your Support System. Whether you know it or not, there's a whole army of people behind you - near and far - who are rooting for you. Take the time out to send a small thank you and show your gratitude. You never know when someone will need to hear it. Honoring your own power is just as much about serving others, as it is serving yourself. 

Melissa Kimble is an Engagement Strategist and the owner of The 3178 Agency and My Creative Connection. Follow her on Twitter @Melissa_Kimble and learn more about her work at www.the3178agency.com

Monday, April 29, 2013

Why I Took the Risk….Again Dr.Kamala Uzzell, Ph.D, LPC, NCC, DCC, ACS


Taking risks and exploring uncharted territory can be frightening.  But, I believe that if you have a dream and a true passion for something, you shouldn't let fear stand in your way.  You should pursue your passion at most costs.  You’ll never know what can be unless you try.  So, be bold, be courageous and TAKE RISKS.  

When you take a risk, there’s a chance that things won’t work out as you planned.  There’s a chance that you may “fail”.  That fear of failing is often what keeps a person from taking risks.  What sets a person apart from everyone else is often the fact that they took a risk, an educated risk, and succeeded.  Educated risks consist of great preparation and are best utilized when preparation meets opportunity.  Here is my personal story of taking a huge risk, actually two risks, in my career:

The first risk was when I opened a private practice during my first year of a Ph.D. program in Counselor Education.  I had earned my Master’s degree in Counseling 5 years earlier and had worked for a number of practices and agencies and thought, “If they can do it, so can I.  If they can run this business, then surely I can, too.”  After a year of my practice being open and trying to get clients and learning how to run a business and exhausting every single penny that I had put in my savings account, I called it quits and went and got a job…two jobs to be precise…because I needed a steady paycheck.  I needed to make a living and what I had been doing for work and how I had been doing it for that past year was not paying the bills.  Needless to say, my first endeavor as a private practitioner didn't work out as I’d planned. People would say that I failed.  I say that it was a great learning experience.  I learned some tough, but valuable lessons.

Fast forward to when I took the second huge risk of my career.  This was when I left my great paying, management-level, full-time job.  I was also working a part-time job. Over the four years leading up to this point, after the failure of my first business, I had completed my Ph.D., and my desire to open a private practice had grown and had become so strong that I had to do something about it.  I really liked my current job and the people with whom I worked, but I had an idea and a passion that I was ignoring.  One day, I realized that I was compromising my happiness and to live with knowing that for the rest of my life was unacceptable.  So, I took a risk.  I quit my full-time job and budgeted my life to survive off of only my part-time job because I was working on my business plan and that was a full-time job in itself.  I was PREPARING for an OPPORTUNITY.  I worked on my business plan every day for 6 months (preparation).  Finally, I had enough money in savings (the opportunity) to try my hand at private practice again. 

Four years have passed since I opened my practice.  It’s grown into a group practice filled with wonderful people and I’m comfortable with saying that things are going well.  We’ve had many successes.  I had a dream and pieces of a plan that couldn't be realized as long as I put all of my time and energies in someone else’s dream.  I prepared myself and I took a risk by following my passion.  I am living out my dreams and my mission in life on my terms and I know that this would not be possible if I had not taken the risk.  

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