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Being a Superwoman in Your Business Can Cost You Money By Harrine Freeman


“The Emyth Revised” author Michael E. Gerber uses the term “Management by Abdication” which requires you to relinquish the business and hire someone to help you run the day-to-day operations of your business thereby passing the accountability to others so you can focus on managing your business.  Being a superwoman in your business can cost you money, reputation damage, loss revenue or state, federal or legal fees.
Your business should work without you not with you. Unfortunately most entrepreneurs start their business on their own and then decide to seek help later which is a huge mistake. You should commence with staff when starting your business. You can hire college graduates or entry level staff to help you perform the day-to-day operations of your business if you are unable to hire experienced workers.
When starting a business set clear business goals, a company vision, mission and business requirements such as funding, staff, location, and future growth needs. Then determine how your business would need to perform to accomplish these tasks and start running your business accordingly.
Many times entrepreneurs continue to act as employees when running their business instead of acting like business owners. If you want to be a great successful company you have to running your business like one.
Focus more on business development and less on administrative tasks. Focusing on the day-to-day operations of your business keeps you in a narrow-minded focus and makes it difficult to generate sales and revenue.
In addition to having staff assist with the day-to-day operations of your business you need a team of advisors such as: an accountant, lawyer, financial advisor, mentor/business coach and insurance agent. Hiring a team of advisors may cost money upfront but will save you money in the future if an issue arises and you need professional advice. Focusing on the day-to-day operations of your business can also cause you to lose money because you don’t have enough time to acquire new business and can cause you to lose existing customers.
Start your business with the future in mind and then work your way backwards. Don’t focus on how much revenue you want to generate or the work that has to be done. Focus on how to run your business effectively, gain new customers and continually focus on growing the entire business not just one aspect of it. Use these tips to help you stop losing money in your business by being a superwoman.

Hire a business coach who can mentor you regarding your business. Take classes, read books or articles or watch television shows to learn how to run a successful business. Study other business owners and gain lessons learned from them especially those who were able to turn home-based or small businesses into large businesses.
Provide Service
Stop focusing on how many sales you want to get in a day or how can you sell a product. When you create a great product and focus on the customer experience, customers will follow, sales will increase and your business will grow. Create multiple ways for customers to reach you and consider getting a toll-free phone number. Use various methods to frequently obtain feedback from customers.

You must see your company as a competitor with other businesses and learn how to attract customers in an innovative way.  Focus more on how you do business. Always look for opportunities to grow your business and attract new customers. Use the “SWOT” (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) strategic planning method to help you improve in all areas and develop your business. Constantly ask how will your business stand out, how your business is unique and how customers will view your business.
Reduce Costs
Automate as many of your business systems and processes which will help you save time, money and resources.  Find inexpensive ways to get what you need, hire interns, barter services, and use sites like Fiverr, social media or free or low-cost services.  Continually finds ways to increase your return on investment and save money. Think about future needs and the most effective ways to fulfill those needs without impacting your bottom line.
Use Technology
Use technology as much as possible to remain competitive and to reduce time and effort to track data, engage with customers and address current and future current needs. Innovate by continually thinking of new ways to grow your business. If you are not creative hire someone who can do this for you which will help you stand out from your competition.
Protect your ideas by using copyrights, trademarks or patents. Avoid sharing your ideas with everyone especially other business owners.  Protecting your ideas helps you remain competitive and makes you look more favorable if you decide to sell your company.
Gauge your success and business growth. Create critical success factors, key performance measures, surveys and other feedback methods to measure your business performance. Ensure that work is always performed in alignment with your future business goals and objectives. Focus on where your business is now and where you want your business to go.

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Financial Expert and Coach is the CEO of H.E. Freeman Enterprises, a financial services company for clients aged 30-55. She has worked with couples, homeowners, business owners, politicians and celebrities to help them achieve their financial goals. She has appeared in numerous media outlets such as Huffington Post. She is the author of the book, How to Get Out of Debt: Get an “A” Credit Rating for Free. Learn more about Harrine and how to use the money you have to get what you want by visiting her website

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Stress: What It Is and How to Alleviate It by Dr. Kamala L. Uzzell


What is stress?
Stress is an emotional and physical response to events in our lives, resulting in unpleasant feelings such as anxiety, tension, and strain.  Stress is any type of response we have to any kind of psychological, social or physical demand that has been placed on us.  Stress can be just as much physical as it is mental and it definitely can take a heavy toll on our mental health and overall well-being.  

Stress is a very serious problem in our society and many people end up missing work, or visiting their physician or the hospital because of the medical consequences of it.   Some of those consequences, which are stress-related illnesses, are hypertension, strokes, heart attacks, cancer, migraines, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, and muscle spasms. We probably all know people who are experiencing some of these illnesses as a result of stress.

What are some of the symptoms of stress?

  • Nervous movements or shaking
  • Heart palpitations or a rapid heartbeat
  • Heartburn, nausea, or stomach pain
  • Tight muscles and muscle aches
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Anger & irritation
  • Poor memory
  • Mental confusion
  • Poor concentration

What are some strategies for relieving or managing stress?

  1. Regularly schedule a relaxation day or block out a few hours each week for relaxation and rejuvenation
  2. Take time to get and stay in touch with your spiritual self
  3. Learn to say “No”
  4. Take care of the physical you
  5. Practice visualization and self-talk
  6. Deep breathing exercises
  7. Seek professional help from a licensed mental health provider.

Take charge of the changes in your life, pay attention to the warning signs of stress, and take good care of yourself.  Build up your resistance to stress by practicing positive physical and mental health habits and strategies. 

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Know Your BOSS Style Profile By Kim Turner


BOSS™ stands for "Bringing Out Successful Sisters," and their mission is to promote and encourage the small business spirit and career development of women.  The Webster online dictionary defines boss as a person who exercises control or authority; specifically: one who directs or supervises workers.  So whether you are both a BOSS and a boss or just one; in either instance you need to look the part. 

I am sure you have heard that people judge you in three seconds and there isn’t much you can verbally share in that time so that means that they have initially gauged your abilities and competence from your appearance.  Take this in, consider it, contemplate it.  Some of you will be offended and immediately think it is shallow for people to judge you based on appearance.  Well get offended but keep reading because shallow or not; it is a fact!  Think about it…would you go to a hairstylist whose hair was unhealthy and looked bad or personal trainer who was unfit?  In both of these instances, they really could be the best at their business but you are your calling card and need to look the part. 

So how should a BOSS and/or a boss look?  Successful and Authoritative!  This does not mean you have to spend thousands of dollars on a wardrobe but it does mean making an investment in your appearance.  Here are five suggestions to get you on the right track so you can make sure you are projecting the right look:

  1. Clean out your closet
  2. .  Sounds like an easy first step but it is often hard for people because they become so attached to their clothing.  But go over every single piece in your closet.  Check to see if it is worn out (i.e. holes, frayed, etc.), if it still fits (not too tight or too big), if it is still in style and if it needs any altering (i.e. missing buttons, hems lengthened or shortened, etc.).  If it is worn out, doesn’t fit or out of style…TRASH it!  If the buttons are missing, fix them immediately!  A BOSS and a boss should not look unkempt.
  1. Evaluate your current wardrobe
  2. .  If you haven’t updated your wardrobe in the past five years, you are definitely due for some new pieces.  Yes, there are classic pieces that if well taken care of, you can wear for years but you should always incorporate new pieces to keep you look updated.  This season consider adding in some trends like green, peplum and colorblock.  You don’t have to spend a ton on these trends.  Try stores like Nordstrom Rack to get the pieces for less. 
  1. Get a good tailor
  2. . A great tailor goes a long way. This person will be a key component for helping you to get a custom fit from off the rack clothing.  I always think it is amazing when people spend thousands of dollars on clothes that don’t fit their body.  You can buy a pair of discount pants for $30 and take them to a tailor to fit your body and you will look better in your clothes than a person who spent hundreds on a pair of pants that don’t fit.  Just make sure you seek great quality – look for reinforced seams, functional buttons and pockets, and good quality fabric. Then visit a tailor to get the perfect fit – arm length, hem length, fitted waist, etc. (P.S.  My one rant!  I hate when women with large butts and small waists have a belt on that bunches up all of the fabric at the waist.  A tailor can easily take in the waist and leave room for the butt and hips.)
  1. Update your hairstyle
  2. . If you have been going to the same stylist forever you might need to find a new one to get an updated look.  This is critical!  An old hairstyle makes you look out of date.  A BOSS and a boss always want to look like they can relate to all of ages and the fast pace of changing technology.  If you look like you are still stuck in the 80s, who will think you can relate?
  1. Wear some makeup
  2. . So many of us want to say we love the natural look. But highlighting your natural beauty just helps to emphasize some of your key features (eyes, lips, etc). So stop at a makeup counter and let a makeup artist give you some highlights.

Whether you need to do one of these steps, all five or none; no one knows but you. So do your inventory and then take action.  Because that is another thing that a BOSS is and a boss does.

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