Saturday, April 5, 2014

4 Techniques To Developing A Schedule that will not interfere with your Children’s Schedule By: Tammira Lucas

Being a mom is such an important and demanding but rewarding job. When I first became a mom it was hard for me to get anything accomplished because I didn’t want to miss anything in the growth of my daughter. There were a lot of times that I felt guilty for being away from her due to work or having to run my business, or times when she had activities going on and I would miss them. As much as I would have liked to be in two places at one time there were times that she could not attend birthday parties or other events because of my work schedule. I felt like a bad mom although many assured me that I was not.

Being part of my child’s special moments was very important to me and I knew I had to do something to ensure I would be there as much as possible. I had to figure out how I would balance being a mom, wife, and entrepreneur without falling short in any of those areas.  Along with those titles we all know there’s always the housework that need to be done, the friends and family that need you to lend an ear, and also your “me” time. After months of planning, research and sacrifice I implemented 4 techniques that helped me balance my schedule without interfering with my daughter’s schedule.

Technique #1
Get a family Planner. Often we get planners for work or day to day activities, but what I found that was very effective was getting a planner that would allow you to write down the entire family activities. This allowed me to get a great glimpse at not only my week or month but also every person in my household. When it is time for me to schedule an appointment for myself or my household I am able to analyze what is going on, what time it is going on and who is involved. It also helps me with planning transportation or pick-up for my daughter. Planners aid you in being able to compartmentalize your life, so you are able to prioritize.

Technique #2
Set Boundaries- It is important that we learn that we cannot do everything. We have to learn to say “NO” to some things and understand that it is ok to say NO. We are already multidimensional as women, and think that we have to do every thing or be everywhere but the reality is we can’t.  You will run yourself dry of energy and never be able to be as efficient, as you would like. Also, learn to draw boundaries with yourself when it comes to business. I am the person that will try to do everything before I hire an expert. What we are really doing is making things worse and wasting valuable time that we can be using somewhere else in our life. So let the expert be an expert and hire out if it is not one of your strengths.

Technique #3

Blend activities- It is important that you give your children your undivided attention. You don’t want them to say my mom was always working so she could not be at any of my games or shows or she was not paying any attention so she missed me make the game winning shot. Instead you want to find time where you can blend your activities with your child/children’s. For example you have to take your child to ballet practice. During practice you are not able to sit in the actual class but you do need to wait for him or her. This is the time you can use to read, send emails, or do some social media marketing. It is times like this that you can utilize to blend your activities with theirs.

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