Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sisters with Voices: Kozi Kyles, Kyra Kyles Take on Stereotypes of Black Women

Kyra and Kozi Kyles
From attacks on natural hair in schools and workplaces to the daily diet of misogyny served by most popular rap music, it isn’t farfetched to suggest that Black women are often the (big) butt of pop culture parodies and jokes.

But two sisters from Chicago, Kozi Kyles and Kyra Kyles are trying to turn the tables with a new series Bosses everywhere should salute. 

Their “Video Vixens: Laughter Without Labels”—which launched officially in February—spoofs the constant criticism that African American ladies face including critiques on their “unkempt” God-given hair texture and doomsday messaging leveled at single sistahs.

“We are so tired of seeing so few portrayals of Black women in mainstream media,” explains Kozi—a senior-level marketing executive who leverages her corporate and branding savvy to make Myth Lab Entertainment a success.  “If it’s not people questioning Blue Ivy’s braids, sharing girlfight videos on social media, or calling Olivia Pope a ‘sidepiece,’ there isn’t much positive public discussion around Black womanhood.”

Kyra, an award-winning journalist and media personality, concurs, revealing why they chose to take the humorous route.

“We could just go troll the comment boxes of articles that unfairly depict and demean Black women, picket certain artists, or write thought pieces all day but what would that get us,” Kyra asks.  “We’d rather take the satirical approach and get people to question their own assumptions while making them laugh in the process.”

But don’t take their word for it.  Please check out their short, but effective jabs at sistah-stereotyping in the three Video Vixen episodes to follow.  There’s more to come, so feel free to leave suggestions for their next target in the comment section:

1.    “Black People Mate” (Target: Doomsday Dating Stories on Black Women)

2.    “Protective Styles: How to Deal with Natural Hair Haters” (Target: Natural Hair Critics) Link: http://youtu.be/R489rvI3BKE

3.     “Raps A Get You Slapped” (Target: Misogyny in Mainstream Rap Music) Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pr5EDfyZuq0

Want to see more?  Subscribe to their channel at www.youtube.com/mythlabentertainment or follow them @mythlabent and keep in step with these LAWEBFEST award-winning sisters. 

Myth Lab Entertainment is a multimedia entertainment company that creates innovative scripted and unscripted content including television & film projects, sketches, parodies and web series.   The company—helmed by sisters, Kozi Kyles and Kyra Kyles—also partners with brands to develop innovative and engaging entertainment strategies.  Visit www.youtube.com/mythlabentertainment to check out the projects that have attracted media coverage by industry influencers including Clutch Magazine, LA Weekly, IndieWire, tubefilter.com, N’digo magazine, and the BOSS Network.   

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