Monday, April 7, 2014

The Rise of the MOMpreneur By Kayann Comeaux

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Amidst the ongoing debate and battle of stay-at-home moms versus mothers returning to the workplace, I noticed the trend of women merging the two successfully.

Today, women are taking control of their futures and finances aren’t an exclusion. There’s a new breed of business woman on the line and she’s as savvy with expense reports as she is available for PTA. She’s a MOMprenuer. I joined this allegiance a few years ago after the war to meet corporate demands took a toll on my life goals. I’m educated and driven, creative and family-oriented but there was a lack of balance and shortage of security in my field. I was uncomfortable knowing the hours, days and sacrifices dedicated to my career could leave me jobless at the sight of corporate cutbacks or layoffs. I’d been a writer, actor and public speaker my entire run in corporate America but never took the leap of faith into building my brand. It’s not easy to take that leap for fear of lack in security and merely keeping the lights on is jeopardized when you follow a passion over a career path. Until now!

Corporations nationwide are making accommodations to work remotely while maintaining full benefits and salary; working from home with a virtual office affords moms the ability to sustain in the company without the time sacrifice away from home. This is an optimal option for those not yet prepared mentally or financially to make that transition into sole entrepreneurship. Fortune 500 companies and general contractors alike have remote positions available in IT, Customer Service, Marketing, Sales even Executive Assistants can take advantage of this trend to work from home. It takes a high level of discipline and time-management when working from home with a corporation but it’s certainly a viable option when considering starting your own company. This can be a healthy transition into entrepreneurship by finding strengths and weaknesses that weren’t highlighted before. MOMprenuers are at times driven by passion projects that can be found profitable; knowing your banana pudding can bring the house down at family reunions is different than launching a desert catering service. There are certainly logistics in working from home and working for yourself, the balance is found when you know exactly what you want and how to make it happen. A solid support system is paramount for this ambition to come into full fruition. Whether you realize working for self is what you were born to do or find that the freedom of working from home is too loose an environment for you to focus and thrive, it’s a critical learning experience either way.

Being in and taking control of your career in entrepreneurship is just as empowering as running your household and raising children. There is a system. There is a goal and an intended outcome along with the gratifying feeling that you feel doing what you love. There is no greater joy turning a passion project into a stream of income to provide for my family. I only wished I’d started out on this journey sooner. There are sacrifices to anything worth having and this is no exception; limits of patience are greatly tested when taking this leap. You have to convince others you’re doing the right thing in the face of you not being so sure yourself. It gets rough. At these moments you must realize why you took the leap to begin with. I think back to the day I walked out of my corporate office with a promise in my soul to never return. No, I wasn’t on my way to a film premier or book signing. I was running late to my child’s school and I knew I had to make a way for my dreams to work for me.

I did, I do and so can you..!!!

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