Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Raising at Mini Mogul: The Good, The Bad, The call for help By Tammira Lucas

If you have been following my blogs or me you know that I talk a lot about being a Mompreneur and anything BUSINESS, BALANCE & BABIES. This time I decided to do something a little different with my blog. I wanted to give you real life insight on my life and the obstacles I go through as I balance various parts of my life. I started my business with my daughter in mind. As she got older I transitioned her into being the CEO of the business. It’s nothing more I love then growing a business with my daughter. But raising a “Mini Mogul” is not EASY. Ryann plays a huge part in our business and it is actually really good to run a business with her because instead of finding sitters for her when I have to do business she is right by my side. But she is still 3 and it is important for me to always ensure she lives her childhood. Now because Ryann is an entrepreneur she is different from other 3 year olds. She has Television interviews, radio interviews and meetings she has to be apart of all in a week time. This can be very tiring for a 3 year old, but as her mom it I always ensure she gets proper sleep and nutrition.

Recently I came to a bump in the road; Ryann started having behavioral issues in school and at home. Now as her mom I wanted to immediately punish her and take everything away, however that is very hard when you are contracted to do certain things. So what do I do? How do I really handle this situation? I was really starting to become stress out about the situation because I did want to break commitments and I also didn’t want Ryann to think it was okay for her to misbehave. I actually felt embarrassed that she would act in this manner.  As a mother you never really want to punish your child. You look at their cute smiling or sad faces and literally just want to hold, kiss and protect them. Looking at her face she seemed so innocent but I knew that her actions were unacceptable and something had to be done.

After speaking to my husband we came up with a punishment for her. We agreed to allow her to follow through with any commitments we made, however she was not allowed to play with any toys, watch TV and she had to stay in her room while she was home practicing her numbers, sight words and handwriting. 

Normally I am the disciplinary in the house and I think that I was stressed out because of this. There were two things I had to do in order to overcome this issue;
  1. I had to communicate with my husband about my feelings on the way he discipline her. Because she is “daddy’s little girl” he seem to let her get away with a lot of stuff, but this will only make her actions worst.
  2. I had to speak to other moms and get their advice. It is so important as moms that we understand that we aren't the only ones going through issues. Talking and getting advice from other moms really helped me in this situation. It gave me the opportunity to vent with out feeling guilty and get good advice that contribute to removing my stress.

I am here to tell all the moms that raising children is hard and raising a mini mogul is no different!!! 

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