Thursday, August 14, 2014

BUT, WHEN?! By Jamila Thomas

Many times it is the WHEN question that will disturb and curve your enthusiasm for your vision. You will feel a tense sensation of wanting to move NOW because you think your vision is necessary. Well, I want you to embrace that feeling because your vision is needed now! The strategy you choose to implement your vision will determine the WHEN. Being anxious to move forward on your vision is a healthy sign that someone is waiting for you. The challenge is to be still enough to know WHEN you are suppose to move.

      For example, five years ago WHEN I implemented my 501c3 not for profit for young women, one of my inclinations was to speak in juvenile detentions centers.  The whisper that I received at that time was you are not ready yet. My first reaction was But, YES, I AM!. Needless to say, because I received that whisper I was obedient and didnt call the detention center. It wasnt time. I could have been destructive with my words had I visited a juvenile detention center and really wasnt ready. Fast forward 5 years later, I heard this whisper in my spirit, It is time to speak in juvenile detention centers.I picked up the phone, reached the exact person who handles volunteer speakers and a month later was I was speaking in the juvenile detention center.

      With our visions, we have to be obedient to the WHEN. Being obedient to your WHEN is listening to your internal voice that says, ok, it is timeor not yet. Move when your spirit says to move. Move even in those times when you think I dont have the resourcesbut your spirit is urging you to move. If you dont have the resources, you can at least write down what you think your move should be. This exercise will begin to open doors for you.

Are you ready to answer? When? NOW!

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