Monday, September 15, 2014

HOW? STOPS NOW! WHO & WHERE?! By Jamila Thomas

The WHO question is fundamental to your vision’s implementation schedule. While everyone is not ready to  hear about your vision, there is someone, there are people WHO are definitely ready to buy into you. This statement may seem contemptuous, while not meant to be, it is the truth. There will be people WHO pick up the phone when you call. There will be people WHO will not answer the phone when you call (the trick is to not leave a voice message so you can call back, I am being facetious).

      The point is someone is willing to listen. Many times, as it pertains to our visions, all we need is a listening ear or someone WHO will challenge us to think deeper. The process to determine what person or which people to call should be strategic. WHEN you decide to call you should be prepared with WHAT you are going to say and HOW you are going to say it.

      It is true… you only have one opportunity to make a first impression. Therefore, make sure you have vetted wisely the individuals you deem will be helpful in moving you towards your vision.

      Practical questions that force you to ponder the ability to implement your vision is key to your success. Asking the question WHERE will hone your ideas about illusions that your mind creates that say you can implement your visions everyWHERE. You say to yourself, “I want this vision to be implemented all around the world.” Well, that is ambitious and potentially possible. What does this decision mean to the people that will need your vision.
      In other words, if your vision is meant to impact one specific state in order to change the dynamics of that particular state, it may not be tangibly feasible to implement the vision in another country at this particular time. It may be to the detriment of your vision to live beyond your visions initial purpose, initially. This is not to say your vision will not be altered in the future. It is simply to provide a strategic thought process as you begin to implement your vision.

Are you READY?

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