Sunday, November 9, 2014

Embrace Your Entire Dream By Tiara Wilkinson

Only recently have I embraced the entire dream that’s been in my heart for quite some time.
Before then, I was taking some steps to walk in my purpose.  I had worked through the process of following my passion to identify my purpose. I had researched, studied, and written out ideas and plans. I started a small project to hold myself accountable, I was enrolled in school, and I was more than willing to walk out my dream among family and friends.

But I knew that I had to reach higher and work toward more ambitious goals to fulfill what was really in my heart. Everything that I was doing was “safe”. They were comfortable options for me and didn’t require much from me to do. Yet, in order for me to achieve my full vision, I knew I would have to come out of my comfort zone.

Part of the issue of embracing my full dream in life stemmed from fear. I was afraid of criticism, of making a mistake, of not being successful, of someone thinking I was trying to imitate someone else, of not reaching my goal... You name it, I was afraid of it. So, I didn't do anything. I stayed in my comfort zone while my real dream burned inside me.

One day it just hit me. My purpose was why I was alive. Until I embraced everything that was in my heart, I wouldn't be happy. I wouldn't be fulfilled. I wouldn't be at peace. Going after my full purpose had to be priority number one.  

So, I embraced all that was in my heart and went for it. I stared down fear, ignored all of the negativity that was trying to stop me, and stepped out of my comfort zone.
And I started to live the entire dream that was in my heart.

What is in your heart right now? What is keeping you from stepping outside of your comfort zone? 

It doesn't matter how afraid you may feel. Sometimes you have to move past feelings and just move forward.

It doesn't matter how many negative reasons you can come up with to remain in your current spot. There will always be something trying to block you from your goal. Sometimes the only thing in your way is you.

What matters is what is in your heart. What matters is the dream that gets your pulse racing.

What matters is your success, your fulfillment, your peace. 

You may have taken some initial steps toward your goal, but don’t fake your own self out. You know if you’re really moving forward or just going through the motions. You know if you’re really shooting for the stars or just aiming for what you think is reasonable. You won’t reach your real goal staying in your comfort zone. At some point, you’re going to have to stare down fear, ignore all the negativity, and step out.
Start living the entire dream that’s in your heart. You won’t be satisfied until you do!

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