Sunday, December 14, 2014

Act Like A Boss Think Like A Boss By Andrea Mosley

In times past and even presently, being a boss has negative connotations more than positive. If you ever had a boss then you know exactly what I'm talking about. In today's society being a boss is more about what you have materialistically. That’s a pretty arrogant and shallow perception… I could give a long list of what a boss is not but I’d rather talk about what a boss really is and let you measure where you may be against where you should be.

You see a Boss has character. A Boss has integrity, he or she does what they say they are going to do when they said they will do it. They Know what is right and they are faithful to what is right even when no one else is around.

Boss  is humble, approachable, treats people with kindness, and compassion, the way they would want to be treated. A boss also knows when and how to be firm. They build people up and sow into the lives of those around them which is why they tend to have a faithful team. After all sowing and reaping is a universal law, doesn't matter what you believe. 

Boss  understands that everything isn't about them, and so they are more committed to the cause rather than insisting on their own way.

Boss  doesn't make excuses, they are responsible and can admit when they've dropped the ball. They are quick to apologize and the first to take the lead in rectifying a situation yet not afraid to ask for help. They understand they can’t do everything so they stay in their lane and delegate appropriately.

A boss is on time, why you? Because they respect other peoples time as well as their own. They understand the importance of timing and order. Without order and structure there is chaos and no measurable growth or respect for that matter.

Boss  thinks outside of the box, takes calculated risk and isn't afraid to fail at something for the sake of possibly succeeding at the thing they believe in. They don’t give up! At the same time they know when to call it quits when it comes to employing methods. Just because it didn't work one way doesn't mean it won’t work another way.

Boss  is content but never settles for mediocrity. He or she is always looking to challenge and further develop their personal growth, gifts and talents.

Boss manages what they have well and is careful about biting off more than they can chew in order to preserve the integrity of whatever their business is and it’s operation. They focus more on quality instead of quantity because they care about people and how they serve them. That’s right a boss is  servant if you haven’t gathered that by the pointers above.

Boss  sees a problem but contemplates solutions. He/ She is always seeing into the future but regards what is present when making decisions. 

Last but not least, a Boss  leads by example! First by understanding that every good boss also has a boss or someone they are accountable to whether it be spiritual or none.
As a reminder, a boss is more about character rather than status. Character is what changes our world and maintains status while caring about the status of those in the world around them. So be great, be a Boss!

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