Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fear Faceoff By Tiara Wilkinson

Fear knocked, faith answered; no one was there.

This powerful quote continuously inspires me.

I often wrestle with fear. I come up with all sorts of reasons of why not to do something. I imagine all of the bad endings, what could go wrong, how I could be embarrassed. But I have learned that this kind of thinking can kill my dreams. If I choose to pay attention to those fears, I won’t begin the work, and nothing will be done.

Many of us are standing in front of unlocked doors, but we're afraid to open them because we are imagining our fears standing on the other side. We think that as soon as we open the door, what we fear will smack us in our face and cause us harm. We have already pictured our defeat, so we stand still instead of moving forward.

It's funny though. Those times when we decide to face our fears (often because we have no choice), we open up the door and often find nothing there. In fact, instead of what terrorized us, we find courage, we find accomplishment, we find strength, and we find our better selves.

Sometimes what we feared does show up, and yet it's not as bad as we had imagined. Even if the worst possible scenario ensues, we find that we have the strength to endure and are made better for going through it. When we get the courage to face what we fear, we are able to grow. 

What are you afraid of? What fears are hindering you from your success? What's keeping you standing still in your tracks?

Don't allow fear to keep you from your destiny. Don't allow fear to keep you from moving forward. Your destiny is waiting for you! Stop allowing fear to keep you stagnant. Allow yourself the opportunity to grow. Give yourself the chance to succeed. Stop listening to fear, open the door, and move forward!

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