Thursday, January 29, 2015

Does Your Image affect your Career? By Lana Kerr

Many people know that a well-received image is a prerequisite in the workplace. However, can it affect your career growth? I recently had a client who was referred to us by her mentor. As I sat with her in my office and asked her how I can help…I told her to think of me as her fairy tale godmother, who could give her anything she wanted regarding her health and image.  She sighed and said, "I would like to be a size 4.” I have coached thousands of clients to help them achieve their weight loss goals, I can usually tell what size a person is and by looking at her I could see that she was about a size 12. She went on to say that although she was very good at her job she didn't pay much attention to her weight and felt that it was because of this that she was constantly overlooked for women who were much thinner.

As sad as that may be, statistics show this to be true, that being overweight does affect a person's perception of you.

Looking back over 14 years as an owner of Nutrition clinics and helping people with their weight loss I can see the difference when people have achieved their ideal image.  They become better at all their relationships.

For me, going through this journey 12 years ago was life changing. I was a size 6, which is below the average size for most women in the United States. But the truth was I wanted to be smaller as when I was in my 20’s. I wanted to return to the better version of myself.  At that time I was in my 30’s and after having kids, even though I worked out and ate correctly I couldn’t get my thighs and arms down to what I wanted. I cannot begin to tell you how frustrating this was. To be honest I even resented smaller and younger women. I went through a fat loss treatment that we now use in our practice and ….WOW! Within just 7 weeks I was down to a size 2, much smaller than I was even in when I was in my 20’s. That transformation gave me more self-confidence than I had ever experienced, I felt invincible.

That woman who I started talking about in the beginning, became my client and within 7 months was able to get down to her ideal size. I watched as her attitude and confidence grew before my eyes. The following year she called me filled with excitement, she was now a partner at her workplace and wanted to tell me that it was not only just how great she felt about her weight loss, but it was the feeling she now had about herself that was infused in everything she did…she felt unstoppable.

I love it! This year I encourage all to be the best version of themselves and experience what it feels like of feel invincible!

About Lana Kerr
Lana Kerr is the founder and CEO of TLK Wellness Inc. otherwise known as Your Fat Loss Coach.  She is a bestselling author, and one of the nation’s leading health and wellness experts. Lana is known by her thousands of clients including celebrity clients, like legendary supermodel Beverly Johnson, as inspiring and motivational. As a motivator and role model Lana is a public speaker and educates her audience on importance of proper nutrition and the secret to low body fat.
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