Monday, February 9, 2015

Did you try to be the Boss at the wrong office? By Cledra Gross

The thing about women who run things is that sometimes we can think we run EVERYthing.
Can you relate?  You don’t ask for help because you can do it faster and the time it’ll take you to explain it is time you could just do it.  If you’re married you are often overwhelmed because after all you have to run things because by the time you correct the wrong way your spouse does it you could do it right the first time. And if you’re single you just don’t get why more men don’t know what they want on the first date and why they can’t get it together and recognize just what a catch they could make by being with you.  Then there’s your family. They call you because past experience is you always have an answer or you’ll find someone who does because let’s face it you run things.  But then the day comes when running things that aren't yours to run starts to run you in the ground.  You see there are 3 kinds of businesses we open when it comes to running things:

  1. God’s business
  2. Our business
  3. Other peoples business

Now how do you know when you've stepped out of your business and into the office space that belongs to God or others?

1. You feel overwhelmed
Anytime we are running things that aren't ours to run we will feel overwhelmed because we aren't built to run God’s business or other peoples business.  Trying to predict the outcome of your relationship if you’re single is God’s business. Trying to take up slack for a sibling is your siblings business.  

2. You create fantasy island movies in your mind
You mentally reconfigure life where you move people to play the part you have assigned them to  play all in the name of thinking that you know what’s best.  You've convinced yourself that life is like a puzzle and you can manipulate the pieces to fit to create the picture you want

3. You are gaining weight
Ever notice how you don’t crave a salad when you’re stressed?  That’s because overwhelm/stress creates a chemical called Cortisol and the more you secret the more success you’ll have at gaining weight…especially around your waist/stomach. That pooch is from you leaving your business and going into  office space s where you don’t belong

So what’s a BOSS to do? It’s simple M.Y.O.B…….MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS

Drop the weight of thinking you need to run EVERYthing and run what’s yours and watch other weight drop as well!

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