Thursday, August 13, 2015

Your Start Up & Social Media: Are They Aligned? Three Tips To Determine Social Media Stability By Lauran A. Smith

What isn’t going anywhere any time soon is the wide world of Social Media. It will continue to grow, which places higher demands on brands, businesses and other organizations. I recently had a conversation with a popular musician, who wasn’t using one of social media’s most widely used picture and video apps; Instagram. With him being so visible, and with sponsors and endorsements galore, he was advised (by one of his sponsors) that he had to create an Instagram account, as the ones endorsing his brand were highlighting him frequently. Needless to say, he now has an Instagram account. There is no way around “needing” social media for your brand or business.

It is a fact that your social media accounts and your brand’s message should completely align with one another. There are quite a number of things that you can do to ensure that you are sending the right messages out to your current and potential clients and customers, but let’s start with three!

1. As a new business, make sure that your posts are consistent, vibrant and welcoming. If you are in the business of selling energy drinks, that’s what your posts should consist of; wording that talks about the company, quotes about the company/product, pictures of the drink, testimonials from customers, health facts, etc. Consumers, as a general rule, like to “see” what they are potentially purchasing; eye-catching posts are a great way to grab the attention of someone who actually may be looking for a new energy drink, or looking to do business with your brand!

2. Your personal and businesses pages should never be used interchangeably. Here’s an example: your business page is all about custom, knit blankets and booties for babies. However, there are quite a few pictures of people in a club like atmosphere, with beverages in hand, etc., on your business page. Unless your pictures include your custom items while in the club (which is highly unlikely, as baby blankets have no place in a club), this type of thing belongs on your personal social media page(s). There is nothing wrong with having a great night out with friends, and capturing moments, but let’s make sure that we are consistent with our message across our business pages. There will be times when you will post personal pictures to your business account, because it somehow aligns with your product. Unless this is the case, the two pages should never cross.

3. Engage your audience. Don’t leave questions unanswered! Make sure that you engage your supporters, and make it easy for questions to be asked and answered. Another great idea would be to host Twitter chats, provide Periscope videos, etc., that will provide more information on your business, while answering questions simultaneously.

Bottom line: Stay focused on your brand, have a clear message regarding your product(s), and watch your business grow!

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