Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It’s More Than A Logo By:Nicole Roberts Jones

A brand is more than a logo; it is the fingerprint, the pulse, the moniker of your company. It is an impression that exists in your customers’ minds created by what you stand for, how you make them feel and how you serve them.  But did you know that you could actually influence this impression by defining your brand identity by offering what you do as a signature system.  As an entrepreneur, whether you are one year in to your business or have been open for 10, I am sure you have discovered that most clients come to you looking to buy a solution to their problems, wants or needs.   They come looking to get to a result, so, rather than trying to sell your one on one coaching program, webinar or some other service, if you packaged all the ways you work with your clients into a signature system your clients will find a easier way to say yes to work with you.  

How you may ask?  

A signature system is a step-by-step method that helps foster trust in your work because your potential clients can more easily see how working with you gets them to a predictable result.  In essence, when you create a signature system you create a higher perceived value on how something is accomplished as opposed to selling an individual service that does not clearing define a beginning, middle or end. Ultimately for you, creating signature systems makes doing business much easier because you have a simple way of describing what you do, and from it, you can develop multiple streams of income. How can you create this for yourself? 

Here are the 5 steps that will help you create your own signature system:

1. What’s The Result? As Stephen Covey says, “Begin with the end in mind”, what is the result or outcome your client gets from working with you? When they work with you, what will they achieve?  What will be their outcome? If you don't know, reach out to at least 5 clients and ask. It’s important to understand where your clients land after they have worked with you.  

2. Tease It Out. Now that you know the end result, think about the process you go through when you work with clients or customers to get them to that result. You have probably used the same tools and techniques time and time again, which means you have created a way of working with your clients that is easily duplicatable and translated into a system.  The first step toward figuring this out is to write out all the steps that you take a client through when you work with them.

3. Define the Steps. Now look at the outline you created from your answer in question #2, what you have created are the steps you take.  Next take that outline and define your approach or method into a set number of steps. Typically, 5-10 steps is most effective, as anything less can seem to broad to work through and anything more can be overwhelming.  So if you have more, look at what you can combine, if you have less look at if you actually have 2 steps in one.   For all my meat eaters, you want to make it meaty and yet cut away the fat at the same time. 

4. Give it a Captivating Name. The name of your signature system will become your brand identity.  My Find Your Fierce Formula has caught on so much that many times when I walk into a speaking event, people come up to me and say hello “Fierce Lady.” Your signature system name should capture the attention of your target audience and if possible include the result your clients will get to by working with you. You want your clients to be able to find what they want & need in your Signature. 

5. Create Multiple Revenue Streams. Once you've defined your steps, you have created your signature system.  Now here’s the exciting part, the whole system could be one product or program however you can also create multiple revenue streams based on your steps, here are a few examples;

  • Each step can become it’s own conversation by itself as a stand alone program.  
  •  You can also create various tiers of programming using a combination of 2 or 3 of the steps as a lower price point product that could get a potential client a jump-start toward a longer-term program. One program becomes more of a deep dive then the next.Depending on the various results your clients seeks would speak to how you break down the various levels and steps within each level.  
  • Each step could be it’s own stand alone workshop or a weekend retreat experience where you move participants from step to step.
  •  Each step can become a chapter in a book I could go on, the possibilities are endless!

By using a signature system this becomes the winning equation to truly move your brand beyond a logo and into a viable business. It will support you in serving more people with your expertise, and enable you to create multiple revenue streams on your way to creating a bankable business.

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