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BOSS Spotlight: Meet The "Fashion Consultant" Stacey Emerson

Stacey Emerson, Owner and Founder of HER Treasures Boutique located in the Chicago land area. With her creative, unique fashions and styling, she created an ideal online boutique with emphasis on customer service, affordability and quality clothing for every woman.

TheBOSSNetwork: What were some obstacles that you faced in the beginning process of starting your business or career? 

Stacey Emerson: As I began my brand I faced internal obstacles. I was very self limiting. I frequently discouraged myself from starting my business due to fear. I was afraid to fail, afraid to struggle  and oddly enough afraid to succeed.

BN: What inspired you to break into your particular industry?

SE:I have always had a love for fashion. As a little girl I was intrigued by shows such as: How do I look? The look for less and Rachel Zoe. I wasn't like most kids watching cartoons instead I was figuring out how to make clothes. So, as an adult I turned my life long passion into a business.

BN: How do you balance your personal and professional life or have you been able to find a balance?

SE:  It has been difficult trying to balance both but I have recently learned how to put down the technology and allow myself free time away from work which allows more ME time. Taking a break from work is one of the hardest things to do as a entrepreneur but it is essential.

 BN: What is an inspirational quote that you live by?

SE: For where your treasure is, your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21 This quote reminds me to keep my heart and my mind aligned with God and his will.

BN: Who were some influential people or mentors that helped or encouraged you along the way?

SE: As a member of a close knit family they have all played a major role in encouraging me to live out my dream. My immediate family especially made it easy for me to feel secure in my decision to start my own boutique. There were several close friends who encouraged me and one friend who provided mental support with probing questions which helped me start my business sooner.

BN: What are your must-haves to keep your career or business going strong?

SE: It is pertinent to have a passion for your career beyond money, attention and
fame because once all those things are gone the passion will keep you going. I also believe it is essential to recognize God and his strength to sustain you and your business.

BN: What is your definition of a BOSS?

SE: A BOSS is someone who is able to inspire, promote and encourage others with their life experiences. One who can positively impact others to strive for the best without doubt and/or fear.

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On Being Oprah without the Budget and Legal Team By Angelia L. White


I am no different than any number of online, digital and print publishers when I say that Oprah is my muse.

At the beginning and end of all of my dreaming and planning for Hope for Women magazine was this desire to be like her and create my best version of O magazine within my niche. That is a pretty lofty goal to achieve, especially when you do not have Ms. Winfrey’s budget and team of professionals. That didn’t stop me from publishing, though, and it didn’t stop me from learning some valuable legal lessons.

Look at all of the pretty pictures
Have you ever been issued a cease and desist letter from Getty Images or some other stock image company? Have bloggers or photographers ever contacted you to ask that you remove their images from your site? Maybe you have received a gentle nudge from an online publisher who asked you to credit her photo on your site properly. Or maybe you have had be the enforcer. If you have experienced any of the above scenarios, then as a publisher you have learned the value of copyright permissions as it pertains to images. Many photos will make content so much richer, but if you have not obtained the proper permissions or made the proper attributions, then you are stealing. Ouch. To ensure you are within your legal rights, purchase the right to a photo on a stock photo site, and type the photo credit where appropriate on your content.

Those darned copycats
Plagiarism is real, people. Some individuals take no care in reprinting other people’s words without their permission. If they don’t ask permission, then they are likely not attributing the words to their sources. Plagiarism can become the unwanted gift that keeps on giving, so it is important to scour the web for the source, ensure your work is copyright protected and obtain permission to use something before publishing.

Oh and the “expert” advice
It seems minor enough, but often bloggers, blog site contributors and even publishers write something that is thinly veiled expert advice. To avoid scrutiny and legal problems, it is good to offer a disclaimer stating that it is not expert advice or an endorsement but merely the words and opinion of the writer. The Federal Trade Commission has a GUIDELINE that is a must-have and must-read publication.

Sticks and stones
Defamation is something we all should avoid, both as publishers and citizens. One harmful word written without well-documented proof can send you right to court. It is OK to criticize and inform your opinion on fact, but it is not OK to defame character or reputation. Remember Oprah’s cattlemen case? I do, too.

These are only a few legal matters to consider as a publisher. There are many more, and you can find them online. If you haven’t studied any of the above issues as of yet, please do. Make it your business to do so STAT.

Publisher, president, and CEO of Hope for Women Magazine Angelia White decided to step out on faith with her dream of creating a lifestyle magazine for today's inspiring woman. One thing is certain: she is illuminated by her passion for life, encouragement to change and inspiration to women to live, dream and inspire their ways to greatness! She is definitely a woman on the move! Check out her website at:

The Career Selfie: 7 Ways to Get Noticed at Work By Natasha Miller Williams


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Rule #1: To take a great selfie, lighting is as important as your good looks. Rule #2: Post to social media, of course! Selfies shouldn't be reserved for good hair days. Your career deserves the same shameless self-promotion. Let's call it the career selfie.

Taking a snapshot of the work you’re doing is essential to being noticed at work and ultimately moving up—a kind of career self-promotion. The best professional advice I ever received sounded something like this: “No one else is going to look over your career like you can. Don’t be too modest to talk about what you’re doing around here.” What I heard was: Go on. Take a career selfie. Shamelessly self-promote. So I did.

Great performance is only one part of work advancement. Bringing exposure to those accomplishments is the other. Let’s take the selfies on your smartphone. They may look amazing, but if you never post to Instagram how will you get any likes or comments?

Promoting yourself is a balance of getting others to rally behind your achievements without turning people off. Here are seven ways to walk that line with humility and get the recognition you deserve:

1. Be good at what you do. Just as nobody shares an ugly selfie, you don't want to bring more visibility to yourself if you’re uncertain about the quality of your work. Make sure you're performing at your best. Consider this: the average person takes several selfies before they finally post that standout pose. In the same way, you’ll want to showcase the work you’re doing exceptionally well even if that means leaving out the average results and selecting specific activities to highlight, or waiting until an impressive project is about to come to a close.

2. Do something extra. In what ways can you add to your day-to-day role? Think of this as a special effect, like an Instagram filter. Taking on a side project at work is a great way to get more visibility. Associates that assume more responsibility are known for their high engagement and commitment. In many corporate cultures, volunteering to help with special projects, be they outreach or internal, is an important part of how employees are recognized and rewarded.

3. Share and like someone else’s career selfie. Pay it forward by publicly acknowledging a coworker for a job well done. Send his or her manager an email. Mention it in meetings. Tell as many people as you can about how they did a great job, and how it benefited you, the company, and your clients. While you shouldn’t expect anything, others will likely return the favor and compliment your work, too.

4. Offer to help. Ever seen someone trying to take a selfie? They're fumbling around for a good angle hoping to capture a landscape behind them. Rather than walk by, you stop and offer to take the shot. Now they've got a better picture, thanks to you. Works the same way on the job. There are many ways of helping a colleague, like coaching, training, or assisting with a project. Being helpful shows your team building skills and that too brings recognition.

5. Post, post, post. Speak up. It’s easy to assume that everyone knows what you’re working on, but in the busyness of each day many people don’t get a chance to look above their desk to keep up with others. Your own team may not be aware of your project scope, responsibilities, or your special areas of expertise. Listen for opportunities that are the perfect segue and share your story, even in casual conversation. Don’t wait for your manager to do it. He or she is also busy.

6. Tag an influencer. This can be your manager, a mentor, or another senior leader you respect. Explain that you’re looking to get more exposure and could use some support. The right ally will help you get attention from the leadership at your organization.

7. Take an usie. We all loved Ellen’s group photo at the Oscars. Find colleagues with similar aspirations and work together. Your collective efforts can benefit all of you. Shine a light on each other by showing how you've collaborated.

It may feel uncomfortable at first, but self-promotion is an important part of career growth. When it comes to taking your career selfie there’s one rule to remember: be your best and enjoy the shine.

Connect with Natasha Miller Williams on Twitter @nlynniewillie and follow on LinkedIn

Empowerment Networking Series Blog By Audrey Woodley

When social media and networking events start to build your target market, “ching ching,” you are on to something significant!

Most of the time when you are looking to build your network – if you didn't already start in college – you will have to take the time to study your market and know the current shortage or need in your particular industry.  Some of you know all about the hair or jewelry industry.  It’s understandable, luxury, high style and bling are fun things in which to indulge.  But, you have to go beyond the surface.  I've noticed that most women don’t want to study their market, and usually spend more money into buying supplies, than building a team and a down line to make the money work for itself.

You have to be the master of your plan, girly.  Know when to make cuts of people and habits that don’t serve you.  It’s time to get a new bag of friends when you’re working towards success and they are out party hopping.  Sometimes the haters are the ones closest to you.  We all know how these people operate; they will should up to your event just for the food, then talk you down to everyone else.

So, now that you have the business, you have to KISS with them.  There’s nothing like making them see you eat off the success that you've built.

When you’re building your network and your circle of influence, you begin to see a shift in your meetings and conversations.  You will even see some of your social media buddies fall off, or un-friend you, because they are not ready to see your growth.

So what makes someone a successful networker?  A successful networker is a powerful negotiator. Being a powerful negotiator helps you keep your game tight and the revenue coming on a weekly basis.  Just like in basketball, you need a dream team.  That Bulls weren't built overnight.  You have to get a successful coach, practice, business plan, marketing, and balance.

Next you must decide your short and long term goals, stick to those goals.  Move with intention. There will be days when you get side tracked.

That’s when you have to have your game plan tight and make it your business to stay on top.

Connect with Audrey L. Woodley on Twitter @AlwoodleyCEO. Learn more about products and services at


Saving the Best for Last
As a woman, do you know that God created everything all around “YOU”?  He created the heavens and earth, land and seas, the grass and herbs, the moon, sun, the birds, water life, and earth’s living creatures, Then God made man in his image and likeness, breathed life into his nostrils and gave him a garden to tend and keep.  He didn't want man to be alone so he took a rib from his side to make a helper.  Overwhelmed with awe, Adam saw her beauty and exclaimed, “Wo – man!” Sisters, don’t you know that God saved the best for last?  He created his entire world around the woman.  He also gave us the power to bring forth life and to be the keeper of a man’s heart.  Do you realize how significant this is?   When you truly understand the power that is yours, you know that you are an amazing force.  Yes, the man is the head, but we are the neck which gives the head its turning power.

Ordered Steps
God has a plan for your life.  He knows your end from your beginning, He knew you when you were in your mother’s womb.  He has numbered your hairs, and divinely ordered the steps of your life.  You are his child which makes you an heir to all that is his. God’s destiny for you is preset.  He has known all along that you would go through what you've been through to get to the place where you are now.  Start looking ahead!  There’s something coming up on God’s calendar with your name on it.  There’s something good just over the horizon of tomorrow- something good for your life, your marriage, your family, your work, your ministry.

God operates out of the law of abundance.  He created you to have an abundant life. There are numerous verses in the Bible that state this.  You have to use the gifts and talents that you have been given in order to create the life of abundance that you crave!  Do spiritual aerobics to get your heart pumping.  When you know that you have favor, that’s all that matters.  What God has for you is for you and no one can take that away.  If God is for you who can be against you?

You have a right to be blessed. The very fact that you are endowed with ability proves that He has purpose for you.  He gave you the gifting, but you will give an account for what you did with it.  Every day is a gift from God, what you do with that day or talent is your gift to him.  Stop setting limits in your own mind.  Stop settling for less.  Speak up and say, “I want and need more in my life”.  Bloom, blossom, and grow in the light of the Father’s love.

There are some things in store for you.  Go for it.  Go after what God has willed for you.  He wants you to have your inheritance. Go for all that life has to offer  Take a large slice of life and savor every bite.  Your father has willed you great things. Your blessings don’t center on your circumstance. Take a long, hot, luxurious, bubble bath and put on your favorite cologne.  If you want it you can have it.  Your father has left you loaded.

The good news is that everything begins and ends with you.  Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have; when you love and care for yourself, you naturally love and care for others.  

Working with me as your Life Empowerment Coach can help you get clear on what you really want in your life, and then help you make it happen. For it is in the act of manifesting our dreams that we bring a sense of clarity, purpose and balance to our lives. As a result, we feel more empowered, alive and energized.

Engaging in the coaching process allows you to experience the power of:
Developing a Spiritual Practice
Trusting and Honoring Yourself
Self-Empowerment Mastery
Recognizing Limiting Beliefs
Having a Life Purpose
Having a Vision
Creating a Personal Development Plan
Embracing Challenges and Uncertainty
Recognizing Opportunities

When we unveil the power within, we can live a life we love.  As creators like our Father, we have been given the power to create the life we want.

Connect with the “Divinely Empowered” Dr. Mimi D. Johnson on Twitter@doctormimij and Facebook.  For more information on Life-Empowering speaking or coaching services visit