Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Looking For Love/Support In All The Wrong Places By: Nia Perry

Looking For Love/Support In All The Wrong Places Before I became an entrepreneur, I studied many success stories. There were so many common threads in the testimonies: persistence, stubbornness, loneliness, disappointment, loss, failure, etc. But, there is certainly nothing like experiencing these things for yourself to give you true perspective.

The reality is, the support you expect and need from friends and family may not be there. And, some may even turn against you. People will not like it when you discontinue working for or with them. People will take sides (often not yours) because it’s just easier to support the known, rather than the unknown. You are often misunderstood. For me, that was one of the hardest truths to swallow. Not to mention the financial struggle that comes early on when things don’t jump off the way you’d planned. But, entrepreneurship is hard and will innately reveal the ‘ride or die’ people in your life. I’ve written in the past about almost quitting, because I had reached a real low point. In the thick of difficulty, my dearest friends stepped up prayerfully, emotionally and financially. God also sent angels and quick seasonal relationships to remind me He still reigns, and He’s still got me.

But if I’m being honest, I admit to changing, too. I became more focused, and more selective with what and with whom I spent my time and money on. Debating if I really wanted that Subway sandwich, or do I want to buy that domain…I bought the domain. Instead of chatting at the lunch table, I would be in my car reading, writing, and making phones calls. And these simple choices can be difficult for some people to understand. They’re happy in their job, so why aren’t you? Or, “we’re all going out to lunch or happy hour, why don’t you ever come”? Plain and simple, it’s because not only is it cutting into my investment money, but also into the time I need to research, study, and implement. And so yes, I did change. I’m not better not than anyone, I just had to make the right decisions for me, my family, and my future.

But, it does not mean that being shut out for simply having the guts to pursue something beyond the norm, does not hurt. Frankly, maturity occurs when you decide to be different.

http://youtu.be/mtiGilIS-g0- Why You Must Be Willing To Walk Alone
To Achieve Your Dream | Lisa Nichols

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