Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What I've learned from falling down a few times: By: Keita Joy Ductant

What I've learned from falling down a few times...I have the band aids to prove it! LOL.

For as long as I can remember, I battled with low self-esteem and a longing to feel accepted by others, not knowing that I had to first love and accept myself and embrace the FACT, that I was created in God's image. I thought titles, degrees, fake friendships, and designer labels would make me feel good. Guess what, I'm sure you figured it out, that it didn't. Ok, let's fast forward some years...

Then, through a close relationship with God, I realized how special I was. I mean, I'm really special! LOL. Then, I learned that all my gifts, talents, and strengths were for others. I'm here to shine brighter than the sun and in doing so, empower others to shine bright as well. Yes and yes to women collectively walking in their purpose. Then, it gets good you guys...I learned the difference between living a good life and a GREAT life. A good life settles in relationships, settles in the area of careers, and in the amount of love they receive and give. I wanted to be GREAT. I wanted to live! Now, I'm on a quest to help as many high achieving women unleash their magic, live with purpose and walk boldly and courageously.

What I'm about to share, I did quite often, so I know some of you are doing it too. You're good at a lot of things, and because of this truth, you are living a complacent and comfortable life. You can achieve more but you shy away from your dreams because of fear. It's time to kick fear down with faith, and walk in your purpose! I believe in YOU! Let's be fabulous & faithful together!

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