Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How To Get Your Groove Back In the Job Market by Charlene Rhinehart

You used to be a hot commodity on the job scene; you didn’t have to work
that hard to sell your best career assets because jobs were plentiful, even 
for those who didn’t have fancy degrees behind their name. But if you’ve 
stopped investing in yourself and failed to market your career skills, you’ll 
probably just become an afterthought standing next to the hyper energized, 
tech savvy millennials who are monopolizing the workforce with their presence.

But don’t fret. You still have tons of experience and wisdom that works in 
your favor. You just have to use what you possess in order to create the 
career experience that you want. 

Here are 3 ways to get your groove back in the job market when you 
haven’t searched for a job in over a decade:

1. Update Your Resume
The resume that you created 20 years ago when you landed your first
job isn’t going to work for you today. No one isn’t using that old word 
processor anyone – except for your grandma who is still trying to 
write letters to all of her grandchildren in college. 

You need to evolve with the times; employers are seeking someone 
with a set of skills that will allow the company to be quicker and 
more efficient. Look at the job description and find out what skills 
the employer values. Update your resume with new software 
and programs that are popular in your industry. If you’re 
applying for an accounting position, knowing Quickbooks Pro 
Advisor, Peachtree Fixed Asset, and Infusionsoft may come in 

2. Get Connected on LinkedIn 
If you are digitally insecure, you probably don’t have a LinkedIn 
profile, which is causing you to miss out on incredible connections 
and opportunities. LinkedIn is the 21st century resume that 
recruiters are using to scout their next team of employees
You are doing yourself a huge disservice if you are not marketing 
your experience on this network. 
When you get the chance or when you really feel that you deserve the 
job of your dreams, set up a LinkedIn account. Update your 
professional headline, work experience, photo, and connections. 

3. Be Humble and Open to New Opportunities 
If you have worked for a certain company or in a certain industry for 
a number of years, you probably can’t remember the last time that 
you really had to sell yourself. No, you don’t have to go around 
flaunting about your accomplishments to everyone you meet. 
Cockiness is a turnoff.

Here’s what you do instead: get in touch with your most 
attractive career features and display a high willingness to 
learn. This will increase your attractiveness in the marketplace. 
Don’t forget to document all of the best practices you’ve learned in 
your industry. An employer may open a special role for you to use 
your knowledge to serve as a trainer or advisor to the new generation 
of workers.

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