Monday, March 20, 2017

3 Habits of a Modern-Day Career Goddess By: Charlene Rhinehart

Some women sit around waiting for others to give them a golden ticket to success. Other women grab their black leather suitcase, put on their power heels, and create opportunities that align with the essence of who they are. 

When you see this woman, she’ll radiate with so much confidence that you’ll automatically know that she is a modern-day career goddess. The most strikingly surprising part is that her confidence isn’t layered with an ounce of cockiness; it comes from having clarity about who she is and having the courage to create the life that she wants. 

She’s mastered the career game because she’s proven that she doesn’t have to compete with anyone to climb the career ladder. She’s distinguished herself in a way that makes her incomparable to any other woman in the room. She’s in her own lane. Her lane is so appealing that other women secretly wish they could be her. 

Now, if you think you are a modern-day career goddess or have come face-to-face with one, here are three frequent habits that will confirm your thoughts. 

She Sets Goals and Achieves Them 
Many people talk about their dreams, but a career goddess takes the extra step to living her dreams. You may find her waking up at 5 AM to prepare for a 5K run or scheduling lunch meetings with accomplished leaders who can help her move to the next level in her career. Her unwavering commitment and daily focus make it impossible for her to fail. She doesn’t have time to engage in conversation about what she wishes she would have done because her calendar is filled with activities that are getting her one step closer to every goal on her list.

She Updates Her Resume When She Isn’t Looking for a Job
A career goddess is always prepared to take advantage of a new opportunity. During her quarterly reflection, she updates her resume to ensure it captures all of her most recent accomplishments and is a reflection of the opportunities she seeks to take advantage of. She understands the value of feedback and makes sure that she has others review her resume. A career goddess takes pride in her physical appearance but also makes sure that her resume equally measures up to the professional image she’s created online and in-person.

She Uplifts Other Women
Jealousy is definitely out of style. A career goddess knows that she doesn’t have to tear other women down in order to build herself up. Her empowering words instantly raise her brand to new levels of leadership. You’ll find her complimenting another woman on their new hair style, giving all-star recommendations on LinkedIn to women who have delivered exceptional speeches or taking the time to mentor another woman in the workplace. A career goddess understands that her success is quantifiable by the number of women that she lifts up, so she frequently invests time and energy into building other women up as she climbs the career ladder. 

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