Saturday, April 1, 2017

Now Let's Get in Formation (Professionally Speaking) by Vanessa Abron

Beyoncé has one of the largest and most devoted fan followings and her level of stardom naturally attracts media, yet she rarely gives an interview. However, we as BOSS women can learn from Queen Bey despite the fact that we aren’t superstars.

Impactful Initiatives

One thing is that when Beyoncé does something, it’s impactful. Since the beginning, almost everything she does incites conversation. 

That’s why when I approach any initiative, the first question I ask is “So what?” While our campaign or project is important to us, why should anyone else care?

If we want people to talk about what we are doing, we have to do something that drives a conversation. We have to do something new to be newsworthy. It is important to analyze what is it about you and/or your business that is worth talking about. Sit and think about how your story is different and interesting from everything else you hear and see discussed.

Ask yourself:

1. What am I doing that no one else is doing?

2. Why should anyone care about me, or what I’m doing?

3. How does this fit into current conversations in a relevant way?

4. Who is affected by what I’m doing and how can I reach them?

5. Is this newsworthy or is it a commercial or sales pitch?

We live in an era where we have information overload. There is so much content available, that we have to stand out if we want our voice heard. Therefore, if we are going to do something, let’s make it impactful.  

Plan and Prepare

To have a Beyoncé-inspired initiative, you must also properly plan and prepare. Shockingly many business owners don’t take the time to write their goals, strategies and overall plan. Their norm is to work month-to- month or sometimes only weeks in advance.

I’ve had to execute projects with only a few weeks lead-time, so I can attest that there are certainly successful moments that happen sporadically. However, relying on this method will only get you so far for so long and Beyoncé certainly isn’t working week-to- week.

When it comes to your PR and overall marketing approach, begin to think months and years ahead of time, while also doing a few short-term projects in-between.

As BOSS women, here’s why proper planning is needed for the “Beyoncé Impact”:

1. A written plan and strategy forces you to identify the steps you need to take to reach your goal.

2. Writing out your goal, strategies and plan makes everything clearer to you and those working on the project.

3. A written plan is a road map for you and your team, and it keeps you on track to achieve the goals you set.

The “Beyoncé Impact” may not be easy, but it is certainly attainable. Now that we know how to formulate creative ideas and understand the need for proper planning, let’s all get in formation.

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