Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Dreamless Entrepreneur by Nicole Nixon

The Dreamless Entrepreneur

As the CEO of my own data technology company, I wish I could say I was one of those people that had “big dreams” of what I wanted to become. Sadly, that was not me.

And I did not have “DREAMS” or so I thought!

I was raised by a single father of 3 girls which I’m the oldest. Although my dad was a minister, he
worked 3 jobs as well as a member of the US military. Needless to say, when my dad wasn’t working, my family was in church. It was rough growing up without having a mom in the house. As the “oldest” of 3 girls, I was always reminded of my responsibility to “set an example”. This was NOT what I wanted to hear. I was not happy. Dreams did not live here.

After graduating from high school, I entered college to obtain a degree in Business Administration.
Within a year, I became pregnant with my first child which suspended my college education. Two years
later, I welcomed my second child and was no longer focused on resuming my college education. As a
mother of two young children, my focus shifted from getting a degree to my new path in life; becoming
the best “mother” I could be.

With that in mind, I applied to Verizon Communications to start a new career, and was hired within 30
days. Even though I was not able to finish college, I decided to make Verizon my college. I volunteered
for EVERY project and worked many weekends to learn as much as I could. Aside from my normal job duties, I also performed multiple other jobs within the Verizon organization. My focus was to simply be the best professional and mother I could. Nevertheless, I still didn’t have a “dream” but something was pushing me to be "great"!

After Verizon, I was invited to join the management team at Time Warner Cable. It wasn’t until my time
at Time Warner Cable that I found a missing link in the telecommunications industry; Data Flow. I
pushed myself to study industry trends which led to my entrepreneurship journey. It was then I realized
that even when I thought I couldn’t dream, God dreamed for me until I could dream for myself! So just
when I thought I was a Dreamless Entrepreneur, my push for greatness allowed my dream to capture

For those who are still trying to find their passion, and find that winning “Dream”- Don’t Worry! Even if you think you cannot dream for yourself, keep living to your fullest potential, and your “inner” dreams.

Learn more about Nicole via her website and follow her on Twitter @ListingCentral

will become a reality!

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