Sunday, November 5, 2017

Feeling Stuck? My Top 6 Strategies to Go From Stuck to Unstuck by Jena Bell

Being stuck is not an option when you are stepping into your greatness, but it can be an
unconscious choice you make everyday. Look around you. Do you notice unfinished projects,
TO DO lists with aging items, messy working areas? What do each of these observations have in common? Inaction and evidence that you may be mentally stuck.

Being stuck doesn't always feel stuck because in your mind you are moving forward. You generate great ideas, the journal is full, and long hours are spent studying your craft while working diligently to get ready. You are excited and anxiously waiting for all the forces to perfectly align so you can jump. You see things happening in your mind every day.

Ask yourself one question, how long have you been waiting to jump?

If you are like I was just three years ago, your response may be “awhile”. I had to be honest and own my truth. I was mentally wrapped in feelings of not being enough. Even after 30 years
of business experience, I was telling myself I needed to learn more, do more, study more, you name it. I had to get ready to get ready to be ready! Sounds crazy, it was crazy! I reached a
point where I was tired of waiting. I had to get out of my way and stop the storyline of “not enough”. I had to JUMP! What I recognized, I was more than enough and I was ready. I had to
summon the best of me with courage and conviction to jump forward. If you find yourself feeling stuck, experiencing uncertainty, here are my top strategies to go from Stuck to Unstuck:

Recognize the signs. They can vary from person to person or situation. The common thread is inaction.
Break your emotional cycle. This is an abrupt physical movement. Move around, clear your head, go for a walk to shift your energy.
Break your mental cycle. Meditate. Meditation is one of the best forms of self-care and practice of mindfulness. During your meditation, focus being present in the moment. For me, it’s my time to reconnect with God, reaffirm my faith and beliefs.
Change the stories you tell yourself. Fill your mind and spirit with positive “I, AM “affirmations and stories of your courage, great mental strength. Remind yourself of your greatness and gifts. Practice forgiveness and gratitude.
Focus with clarity on your WHY. Why are you in your business, the legacy you want to create and the impact in the lives of the people you serve.
Reprioritize and focus on the actions you can take to reach your goal. Set intentions with timeframes and dates. Don't overwhelm your list. Break it up into sets of three and focus on completing one set at a time.

Practice these strategies often to release positive energy flow and to create meaningful daily victories. Celebrate each completion as you move closer to your goal.

To find out more about Jena Bell, visit her at: Twitter: @jenalbell

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