Sunday, December 10, 2017

Tis’ the Season to R.O.C.K. your 4th Quarter by Tamica Smith Jones

As a mother of two, having managed intercollegiate sports programs for the past decade at both private and public research institutions with budgets ranging from $3mil to $18mil, leading and mentoring hundreds of administrators, coaches and student athletes, I am naturally competitive and have always encouraged my teams to finish strong.  With less than 30 days left in this calendar year, I am also encouraging YOU to finish strong. Don’t cruise into the new year hoping things will turn out the way you desire.  Crush your goals by reflecting, resetting and R.O.C.K. the 4th quarter. 

I took some time to reflect last month while visiting the beautiful Lake Tahoe, California.  I thought about some of the life lessons learned as I have journeyed in business, sports and higher education.  As the first black woman to ever be appointed director of athletics in the state of California at the division one level most days I feel like I am “kicking glass.” Reflecting helped me to appreciate the journey and confirm that having more balance is really what I needed to remain competitive and finish strong. 
It doesn’t matter if you are working your startup business or managing a large corporation take a moment to reflect, reset and R.O.C.K. the 4th quarter.  REFLECT on the struggles and successes of the year in an effort to embrace the journey. Identify one thing in your daily routine to OUTSOURCE and become more efficient in performance for next year.   Stay COMPETITIVE to the end because you still have time to accomplish that outstanding goal.  Lastly, as you reset think of something business related you can do for another sister to be KIND and supportive.  It may be providing a referral, helping with a project or requesting time for coffee.

As balanced, business women we must be sure to give proper attention to the things that matter most in life.  Whether it is physical, mental or spiritual health and wellness, finances or relationships. One of the most impactful adjustments I made in 2017 was deciding to “outsource my weaknesses.”  As women we tend to try and do it all.  When I do what I do best and OUTSOURCE the rest it relieves me (and others) of so much unnecessary stress and creates opportunity for me to capitalize in other areas. Everyone has a gift – and I am not a gifted cook.  So, I outsourced my family meals to a Food & Wine Magazine Award winning, classically trained and licensed Chef.  I have not only maintained a healthy diet but my growing children have benefited from the daily variety and tasty food readily available to fuel their growing bodies. Don’t make an excuse not to outsource.  There may be a family member or friend who can help you. In my reality, it cost me less time and money and the peace of mind knowing it was predetermined is priceless.

In close, during this season take some time to R.O.CK.!

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