Sunday, December 31, 2017

Vision Board Tips for 2018 by Alexie Young

Cheers to the New Year as it revives a season of envisioning, planning,
and utilizing those magazines that have piled up on your coffee table.

It’s time to make a vision board! Over the past few years, vision boards have gotten more popular as they have been perceived to be highly effective while pursuing your goals. The downside is that It can be tempting to glue pretty pictures on your poster board without fully investing the intention behind it. This year challenge yourself to incorporate these 8 tips while creating your 2018 blueprint for success!

Tip #1 Have an Attitude of Gratitude
Dedicate some time to mentally unpack the evolution of you. Reference your old vision board or journal. Look over the past year and express a feeling of gratitude. Focus on the what you accomplished and how you made it through another year. Also, reach out to thank your support system. The more you express gratitude the more you invite positive
experiences into your life!

Tip #2 Clarity is Key

Your vision board serves as a guide to stay laser focused on specific goals.  You are your own GPS. Try planning your route to success with journaling what you want to work on this year, and get super specific. Be sure to get so detailed that it prompts you to visualize that new house, or new business product in your mind.

Tip #3 Use Symbolism
Take some time to research some of the items that will need to be placed on your vision board. Instead of overcrowding your poster board with pictures from a magazine, perhaps finding small symbols that mean something to you.

Therefore when you see those symbols out in the world, it becomes a reminder to stay the course. It’s exactly why symbols are used as logos in marketing.

Tip #4 Issa Vibe
As you set a date and time to assemble your vision board be sure that you are overwhelmed with positive energy. Don’t invite skeptics to your vision board party. It taints the vibe of a sacred moment. Play your favorite music, light some candles and fully commit to the moment.

Tip #5 Set the Intention
As you are preparing to place items on your vision board, be clear on what each item represents. Whether you are using stickers, pictures, words, or more, make sure to write or recite why that picture is worthy of coming to fruitican and why you are worthy of receiving it. Give yourself permission
to get excited about it. What you dream is what you get! Dream big.

Tip #6 Keep it Close
After you have completed your vision board. Post it somewhere where you might see it every day. Allow it to seep into your subconscious. Seeing it as often as possible allows it to get deeply ingrained in your way of living.
Take a picture of it and store it as your screensaver.

Tip #7 Take Actions
Use your vision board to record a list of affirmations. Listen to your recording daily. Recite words that reflect whats on our vision board.Give yourself a 21 day challenge to create new habits that align with your vision. Have an accountability partner when times get rough and stay on course.
If you follow these tips, watch it work and share these tips with friends and love ones who are ready to be great!

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