Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Reclaim Your Time by Conchetta Jones

Conchetta Jones is an Author, Model, Speaker and Certified Overflow Coach. As Founder/Owner of She's All That! Woman, a Personal Development & Lifestyle Company, she helps women to identify the obstacles in their lives that are keeping them stuck from living the life of their dreams.

By now most of us have heard Maxine Waters infamous line “reclaiming my time” I thought it was humorous how she stopped Steve Mnuchin, who was talking loud, saying nothing and basically using up her time. But as I thought about it more, I realized that like Maxine, we also have people who waste our time with their agendas, and in some instances we waste our own time. How many times have you gotten caught up during the day? You went on Facebook to check out one post and ended up spending an hour or more searching through the posts. Or you get a phone call from a friend who asks you if you have a minute? And 30 minutes later you are still trying to hang up. It is easy to get into the trap of wasting time. And while sometimes this might not be a bad thing, if you continue to allow this to happen you will end up with a lot of undone projects and a whole lot of wasted time. There are many books, videos, classes and articles on time management. I’m quite familiar with them and I’m sure you are too. But it never hurts to be reminded of the basics. So like Aunt Maxine, when it’s time to reclaim your time, here are some tips to get you back on track.
Use your planner – Make sure you have a planner, whether it is the old-fashion paper planner or one of the new digital ones or even your phone calendar.  But only have one. It is very frustrating to have information in several different places. Also make sure you schedule out everything you have to do, including family time, personal time etc.
Write it down – Write down everything you do daily. This activity will show you where you are wasting time and also where you need to be spending more time.
Schedule each task – Use your timer and put a time limit to your tasks. Allow 30 minutes to check your email them move on to the next task allotting the amount of time you want to get the job done.
Delegate - There are some things that you are doing that should be assigned to another person.
Say no – Many times we take on added responsibilities because of our inability to say no. If it does not benefit you, or you don’t feel at peace doing it, then don’t do it.
Prepare the night before – Pack lunches, choose outfits the night before, and anything else that will help you during that morning crunch time.
Watch out for these time stealers – Checking your email several times a day, Facebook, Twitter, phone calls.  These things seem innocent enough, but they can really throw your schedule off.

The next time you find yourself wasting time, remind yourself that like Aunt Maxine, you are reclaiming your time.

Learn more about Conchetta Jones via her website at www.satwoman.com and follow her on Twitter @confidencekoach

Monday, December 11, 2017

3 Reasons to Publish Your Work by Tisa Silver Canady

Wondering whether to put your works in print? Whether you have a story to tell or a stance to take, here are three reasons to consider publishing your work. 

Gaining credibility. Writing a book is often viewed as a major accomplishment. Whether you choose self-publishing or are fortunate enough to secure a traditional publishing deal, being a published author differentiates you from most people. It produces a tangible point of reference that documents your thoughts, feelings, theories, etc. on your subject of choice.  Your book may then be used to position you as a subject matter expert opening the door to media contributions and speaking engagements. If you do not think you have enough content to write a book, consider beginning with a blog post, a letter to the editor of an existing publication or a position paper

Building a community. Writing a book is a terrific way to connect with others. You can use your content to spark a conversation and keep it going through book clubs, webinars, and e-courses. Look no further than Cameka Smith, founder of The BOSS Network, for a prime example. Cameka authored 7 Steps to Grow Your Professional Network, and has since built a successful network that engages entrepreneurial minded women across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as online and in-person events.

Generating income. I deliberately placed this reason as last on my list. Profits from book sales, known as royalties, are not usually the kind that will change your life. Royalties on books sold by the publisher provide the author with a percentage, perhaps 10-20 percent, of the book’s sale price. The payments are likely to be paid out quarterly. On the other hand, royalties on books you sell directly can be higher and cash is usually collected at the time of the sale. In this arrangement, you can buy books (yes, you have to buy copies of your own book!) from the publisher at a discounted price and resell them directly to readers. Publishers usually apply a volume discount so the more books you buy in a single transaction, the less you pay per book. Regardless, if you are looking for a book to generate cash, then your energy may be better invested by using the book to market yourself for speaking engagements.  You can make hundreds or potentially thousands from a speaking engagement and use the appearance to sell books as well. 

Overall, writing a book requires a substantial investment of time, money and of course, writing. Think of the finished product as an expensive business card, then shape your business to generate the desired effects and cash flow!

To find out more about Tisa Silver Canady, visit her at: www.tisasilver.com Twitter: @tisasilver

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Tis’ the Season to R.O.C.K. your 4th Quarter by Tamica Smith Jones

As a mother of two, having managed intercollegiate sports programs for the past decade at both private and public research institutions with budgets ranging from $3mil to $18mil, leading and mentoring hundreds of administrators, coaches and student athletes, I am naturally competitive and have always encouraged my teams to finish strong.  With less than 30 days left in this calendar year, I am also encouraging YOU to finish strong. Don’t cruise into the new year hoping things will turn out the way you desire.  Crush your goals by reflecting, resetting and R.O.C.K. the 4th quarter. 

I took some time to reflect last month while visiting the beautiful Lake Tahoe, California.  I thought about some of the life lessons learned as I have journeyed in business, sports and higher education.  As the first black woman to ever be appointed director of athletics in the state of California at the division one level most days I feel like I am “kicking glass.” Reflecting helped me to appreciate the journey and confirm that having more balance is really what I needed to remain competitive and finish strong. 
It doesn’t matter if you are working your startup business or managing a large corporation take a moment to reflect, reset and R.O.C.K. the 4th quarter.  REFLECT on the struggles and successes of the year in an effort to embrace the journey. Identify one thing in your daily routine to OUTSOURCE and become more efficient in performance for next year.   Stay COMPETITIVE to the end because you still have time to accomplish that outstanding goal.  Lastly, as you reset think of something business related you can do for another sister to be KIND and supportive.  It may be providing a referral, helping with a project or requesting time for coffee.

As balanced, business women we must be sure to give proper attention to the things that matter most in life.  Whether it is physical, mental or spiritual health and wellness, finances or relationships. One of the most impactful adjustments I made in 2017 was deciding to “outsource my weaknesses.”  As women we tend to try and do it all.  When I do what I do best and OUTSOURCE the rest it relieves me (and others) of so much unnecessary stress and creates opportunity for me to capitalize in other areas. Everyone has a gift – and I am not a gifted cook.  So, I outsourced my family meals to a Food & Wine Magazine Award winning, classically trained and licensed Chef.  I have not only maintained a healthy diet but my growing children have benefited from the daily variety and tasty food readily available to fuel their growing bodies. Don’t make an excuse not to outsource.  There may be a family member or friend who can help you. In my reality, it cost me less time and money and the peace of mind knowing it was predetermined is priceless.

In close, during this season take some time to R.O.CK.!

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