Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Power of A Trademark by Corvet Williams


Michael Jordan filed a lawsuit back in 2012, in China, for the use of his name and brand. He recently lost this case.

In the Chinese language, his name Jordan is “Qiaodan.” And the symbol being used is identical to the same one used in America. The judge’s reasoning why his claims don’t stand is because the image does not have a face on it to clearly identify him; and the name Jordan is a common name used in America and Qiaodan is not only used for the name Jordan.

Having experience with Intellectual Property, my first question is was the Jordan name and image trademarked in China? Are there international patents and/or trademarks in place? This is a major concern, because had it been, then the fight between their trademark and the Jordan trademark would be the first basis to contend. Where there loop holes in the Jordan trademark that allowed the Qiaodan trademark?

It’s easy for one to assume that someone like Michael Jordan’s legal team would know how to prepare for this defense. This brings high concern. What is the wording used in the trademark? Is it outdated? It seems to me someone did not cross the “t” and dot the “i”. Most of the manufacturing has been in China so of course they know how to make it and what design they use. Where was the protection?

This leads me to this thought, no matter how experienced a company; it can always use the advice of a business professional. An advisor can help you bring your business up-to-date and make sure you are relevant to the times. I am pretty sure that had there been someone who could look into the company and offer advice on where it could be better, then maybe they could have caught this missing link before there was a case. There is the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it” but in a world like today that changes by the minute, “fixing” is a must. Of course people love to buy the same Jordan’s they were selling 10 years ago over and over again. So the brand is very stable, it’s the international protection that’s missing. Of course now they should make sure that there are trademarks in place in other countries.

International patents are very expensive and time consuming. You have to have “eyes” everywhere to make sure you are not being infringed upon. The laws that govern intellectual property vary by country. Experienced attorneys and representatives can help lighten the load and legal woes. Of course the Jordan brand will continue to make money regardless. But, the idea that someone else is making money off of a strikingly close resemblance is extremely frustrating. This is no different than a song writer or producer being the victim or offender of copyright infringement. Take for instance Pharrell and Robin Thicke’s song “Blurred Lines.” They lost the case because there was a concern that he sampled a popular Marvin Gaye song. Pharrell spoke with Oprah about the situation and stated that he did not sample the song, but with such legalities in order it leaves the question how can an artist use inspiration? Maybe to some, using this same idea applies. There is nothing new under the sun, but where are the lines of inspiration blurred when it comes to being innovative?

So maybe the Jordan brand can take it as it as compliment that someone likes them so much they were “inspired” to make a similar shoe with a similar image? Or maybe they really stole the idea and Jordan’s lack of trademark allowed such an action to occur. No matter, it’s never too late to get the advice of a professional to make sure your company’s paperwork and protection are up-to-date. It could mean millions and even billions!

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Vision Board Tips for 2018 by Alexie Young

Cheers to the New Year as it revives a season of envisioning, planning,
and utilizing those magazines that have piled up on your coffee table.

It’s time to make a vision board! Over the past few years, vision boards have gotten more popular as they have been perceived to be highly effective while pursuing your goals. The downside is that It can be tempting to glue pretty pictures on your poster board without fully investing the intention behind it. This year challenge yourself to incorporate these 8 tips while creating your 2018 blueprint for success!

Tip #1 Have an Attitude of Gratitude
Dedicate some time to mentally unpack the evolution of you. Reference your old vision board or journal. Look over the past year and express a feeling of gratitude. Focus on the what you accomplished and how you made it through another year. Also, reach out to thank your support system. The more you express gratitude the more you invite positive
experiences into your life!

Tip #2 Clarity is Key

Your vision board serves as a guide to stay laser focused on specific goals.  You are your own GPS. Try planning your route to success with journaling what you want to work on this year, and get super specific. Be sure to get so detailed that it prompts you to visualize that new house, or new business product in your mind.

Tip #3 Use Symbolism
Take some time to research some of the items that will need to be placed on your vision board. Instead of overcrowding your poster board with pictures from a magazine, perhaps finding small symbols that mean something to you.

Therefore when you see those symbols out in the world, it becomes a reminder to stay the course. It’s exactly why symbols are used as logos in marketing.

Tip #4 Issa Vibe
As you set a date and time to assemble your vision board be sure that you are overwhelmed with positive energy. Don’t invite skeptics to your vision board party. It taints the vibe of a sacred moment. Play your favorite music, light some candles and fully commit to the moment.

Tip #5 Set the Intention
As you are preparing to place items on your vision board, be clear on what each item represents. Whether you are using stickers, pictures, words, or more, make sure to write or recite why that picture is worthy of coming to fruitican and why you are worthy of receiving it. Give yourself permission
to get excited about it. What you dream is what you get! Dream big.

Tip #6 Keep it Close
After you have completed your vision board. Post it somewhere where you might see it every day. Allow it to seep into your subconscious. Seeing it as often as possible allows it to get deeply ingrained in your way of living.
Take a picture of it and store it as your screensaver.

Tip #7 Take Actions
Use your vision board to record a list of affirmations. Listen to your recording daily. Recite words that reflect whats on our vision board.Give yourself a 21 day challenge to create new habits that align with your vision. Have an accountability partner when times get rough and stay on course.
If you follow these tips, watch it work and share these tips with friends and love ones who are ready to be great!

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4 Signs You Disrespect Money by Tammy Moore

Did you know how you handle your money is a direct correlation with how you feel about yourself? Think about when you set personal goals, 99% of the time they always include finances and yet those are the goals you neglect the most next to your health. Here are my top 4 signs that show you disrespect money and a few suggestions on how to change these behaviors!

1. You don’t track your expenses and organizes your monthly obligations
Get Organized! Separate your bills monthly or categorize them by type. Review them each month to see where your money is going. Track your monthly expenses so you’re always conscious of the fluff in your budget. There’s extra money there, you must get organized and find it!

2. You don’t have realistic monthly household budget
A budget will help you plan for debts and activities. Spending money sporadically will end in disaster. If you’ve planned for the day of shopping, you don’t have to come back home and figure out which bill you have to skip because you had an unplanned expense. Now don’t get me wrong, of course you’re not going to follow your budget to the tee 100% of the time but, let’s shoot for 90% and it will be a game changer for your financial outlook! You work hard for your money so don’t waste it all, spend and track it wisely!

3. You’re not paying yourself first!
If you don’t plan for your future or care about your finances why should anyone else? You can reduce your stress levels by putting a little money away each month. You need two types of savings accounts, long term and short term. Long term is your company 401(k) plan (why not take advantage of the company match if offered, hey it’s free money), certificates of deposits and investment accounts. These accounts you put the money away and watch it grow! But you also need an account that you have access to with monthly reserves. One month reserves equal 1 month’s expenses. Rule of thumb, you need 6-12 months reserves. But you have to start someone. Start with one month and build from there. It will make a world of difference when you have any unexpected expenses that arise, you won’t have to miss a bill or play catch up. Never stop saving and you will pat yourself on the back after a few years when you see your money growing and net worth increasing and stress decreasing!

4. You don’t know your credit score and you don’t pay your bills on time!
Your credit report is you on paper. Nowadays credit is required for everything (insurance, employment, business start-up). Take some time to check your credit scores and work to increase your scores so you will qualify for the best interest rates. This will save you thousands of dollars when you go to purchase a home or car. Get your finances in order so you can pay your bills on time and even pay a few dollars extra each month, it will do wonders for your score.

Remember it’s not if you can take control of your budget, credit and’s when!

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