Monday, February 12, 2018

Why Your Obsession for Information is Holding You Back! by Tamara Garrison-Thomas

Tamara Garrison-Thomas is a Beauty Boss & Online Start-Up Strategist specializing in helping women over 30 start, plan and execute their online business. If you need help getting focused, setting up your online business and developing an execution plan, subscribe to her site and find out more information on her one-on-one business setup tutorial sessions.
Do you have too many “free” or “paid” webinars collecting virtual dust in your inbox? Do you find yourself signing up for the next free webinar or buying the next great webinar hoping it will finally give you the answers you have been looking for?
Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you’re gaining knowledge but you’re still not sure how to exactly apply these concepts and tools to your business. You’re getting antsy and frustrated because your business idea is slipping away more and more as time fades away from you.
It’s time to conquer your obsession with information!  Setting up a business is hard enough. Don’t make it even harder on yourself by focusing on the wrong things. Here is why you should stop watching and start doing:
1.You’re not sure what you need- One of the reasons why you keep signing up for every webinar ad you see is because you’re not very clear on what you need to focus on. Come up with a plan of what needs to get done and focus on one action item at a time and give yourself deadlines. This will help you move along a lot faster.
2.You’re getting overloaded- Too much information can be too much! When you are getting information from different people with different opinions and sales pitches that can be very overwhelming. It’s best to stick to someone you like and follow their business philosophy.
3. You’re losing time that should be spent working on your business – Think about it…the more time you spend on signing up, watching and taking notes, the more time you are losing setting up, making calls, creating posts and focusing on your business. Stop losing this time. If you just NEED the training, delegate a day during the week that you will use to catch up on webinars. All the other days should be used for productive work!
Fancy named webinars and concepts are not going to get you closer to starting your business. But DOING something will. Make this your goal this week!

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