Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Why Some Women Will Never Be High Achievers by Jacqueline Miller

There are people around us who are living paycheck-to-paycheck. Having to make daily decisions about whether to pay the utility bill or buy medical supplies; whether to save their last few dollars for gas for their "hoopty" or a meal for their family. When I hear someone like that use the term,"I can't afford it," I accept it.

However, there are many more women who regularly sing the "I can't afford it." song. It typically involves purchases that would benefit them long term: the expeditures that fall within the self-enrichment or personal development areas.

Women often find funds for material things, because to some of us these possessions represent affluence. Too often we get caught up on external appearances, while our inner self is crying for help. "The largest room in the world is the room for improvement." We find money for everything and everybody else, however, identifying financial resources to invest in ourselves can be a challenge for some.

Years ago I was guilty of that same limiting behavior. "I can't afford it!" were words that I consistently used when it came to spending on myself. I reached a point when I had to admit that my refusing to spend on me, on things that would make me a better woman, not a better-dressed woman, but a better woman inside and out, was subconsciously linked to my self-worth. No wise person spends money or invests in anyone or thing that they don't see value in, or don't believe will have a return on investment.

Once I realized that I was engaging in this self-defeating behavior and took the necessary steps to stop viewing myself as less than a priority, everything in my life began to change. The Law of Attraction is an amazing concept. The more value and worth I saw in myself and subsequently began investing in myself, the more value, worth and abundance I began to attract.

Here are two things that I implemented to shift my behavior and my mindset to high-achiever status:

Rather than saying that I couldn't afford something, I reviewed my finances, determined whether it was in my NOW budget and if not, I devised a plan to generate the dollars needed to get it. I chose action over acceptance.

I adopted a philosophy of "Maybe not now, but never say never." I may not have it NOW, but I refuse to languish in the NEVER zone, especially if it's something that I want, or more importantly, need for my personal growth. I would put these plans in writing and included a "by when" date to ensure that I remained committed to myself.

If you exist in a puddle of stagnation and excuses, routinely using the "I can’t afford it!" song, then I encourage you to press pause.

Begin to examine why you may be lacking self-worth and what action you’re willing to take to change that mindset. Instead of believing that you can’t afford it, your inner self is likely trying to tell you that you can't afford NOT to invest.

While there are resources that exist to help create a bridge from broken to breakthrough, the transformation of one's mindset must begin within. No one can want better for you, more than you.

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  2. Jacqueline, great article. Expanding one’s perception of what’s affordable is crucial for women seeking to be a BOSS.

    I have done the same-I took action. I've put down investments not knowing how the rest would manifest. But I believed in my ability to do the work...I bet on ME!

    I worked my plan and (God) manifested the means. It's all about faith and action. Both of those begin with a stronger belief in one’s self and what’s possible for one’s life.

  3. This was such great insight. I too have changed how I saw things. I tell myself it is not a priority right now.

    1. I am glad that it has served you well. It's never too late to come to the realization that change is necessary.