Monday, April 30, 2018

How to Start a Hair Extension Business Online By "BOSS Influencer" Tamara Garrison-Thomas

Are you interested in starting a hair extension business but not sure where to start or if it will be profitable? Consider the following steps to get started.
  1. Educate yourself. Learn more about hair textures, styles and origins. You want to be an expert to your customer so make it your goal to learn more about hair extensions. For this you can check out my official Virgin Hair Guide. Learn more about wholesale and retail and your potential profit. The market is NOT saturated. Believe it or not there are not a lot of companies actually making money in this industry. So, prepare to position yourself to start right with a long term plan to be a part of the successful few.
  2. Find a vendor. Finding a vendor is one of the most important parts of starting a hair extension business. You want to make sure the vendor provides hair that your target market will love and want to buy again. Make sure the vendors wholesale pricing will allow you to price your hair high enough for profit! Avoid the headaches of going through vendor after vendor and check out our Little Black Book of Hair Vendors.
  3. Make a business plan. Remember, without a plan, plan to fail. A plan will help you map out your business for the first year or more. This will include your price list, expenses, your mission statement and how you will stand out in the industry! If you need a business plan specifically for the hair extension industry you can see our Business Plan for the Hairpreneur.
  4. Get to work! Now would be the time to get everything setup for your online business. From developing your brand to setting up a website and your social media accounts.
  5. Set a launch date! Set a date to officially launch and stick to this date! Decide if you will have a party of a virtual launch but make it a big deal! You’re an entrepreneur now. Time to get to work and start selling some hair!

For more Information and our free guide, Build Your Hair Brand in 7 Steps, visit The #1 Resource for HAIRpreneurs!

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