Monday, May 14, 2018

Get Re-Inspired in Five Simple Steps by Aaja Corinne Magee

As an entrepreneur, a fresh supply of motivation and inspiration is essential to producing game-changing results in the marketplace. Yet, sometimes the unthinkable occurs. After consistently going strong and climbing higher over a period of time, suddenly, we hit a plateau and lack the motivation and inspiration to move beyond that place. Have you ever been there?

I have. It happens to the best of us, even the most successful people. Of course, we'd love for every season to be an "on" season, but there is a purpose for our off-seasons as well. That's the time where most of our personal development takes place, and we get prepared for the next level.

But staying motivated and inspired is important no matter what season you're in. Fresh motivation and inspiration keeps us forward-looking and helps us to resist complacency. Not to mention, consistency in branding yourself and carrying out your day-to-day activities is so much easier as well. If you’ve fallen into a funk or simply want to prevent reaching that place, try these five, simple steps below to give yourself a much-needed boost.

Revisit Your Why 

Everything that you do should reveal purpose at its core. The work that you do isn’t about you. You’re blazing a trail for someone else to follow, so you have to keep pushing.

Commit to Something

Sometimes moving forward has nothing to do with a lack of knowledge, but rather the fact that you haven’t made a concrete decision about what you are going to focus your energy and attention on next. This is essential because when you're able to see light at the end of the tunnel, you're attracted to it. Make a decision.

Set Realistic Goals 

If you've been comparing your journey to someone else's, be set free! Apples and oranges have no basis of comparison. Everyone has a different set of life circumstances. Your goals must be aligned with your track record and output. The major key is to consistently outdo yourself.

Develop Your Vision 

You can't go where you can't see. As you make steps toward achieving your goals, the picture of you at your next level will become clearer and clearer. Continuously cultivate your vision, so you'll always have something to aim for.

Find Some Accountability 

This is crucial. Everyone needs someone around them to tell them when they are slacking and push them to do better. In order to stay motivated and inspired, you have to surround yourself with other ambitious individuals, near and far, that are diligently working toward their goals as well. You are the company that you keep!
Cheers to moving forward.

Aaja Corinne Magee is a Chicago-based, Brand Strategist & Speaker, helping leaders and experts to maximize their impact through personal brand development. For more savvy advice and resources, connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and sign up for her newsletter at
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