Friday, May 4, 2018

How to Pitch Yourself to the Media by Pam Perry

You want to get on major television shows or featured in magazines but how do you cut through the clutter? How do you find the right media contacts? How do you attract media attention over and over again?

Here are three tips to help you get the PR you desire:

1. Connect with people. Yes, journalists, producers, and editors are just people. They are people that want to do a good job for their media outlets. So, make them a hero. Offer help even when you don’t want something. It’s good old-fashioned networking. One way to make yourself stand out is to provide useful tips and information when you aren’t trying to push for coverage. Give them some “scoop” or new trending information about your industry or introduce them to someone you know might be useful for their beat or show. Be a resource. People don’t like people who only call them when they need something. Also, most media are on Twitter. Try retweeting their stories; this helps their numbers. Remember, their bosses are watching the responses they’re getting from their stories or segments. Help them out!

2. Be a good storyteller. Don’t just pitch stuff so you can be “famous.” Be a person that has stories that will connect with their audience. Be as visual as possible with your words. Be funny; be interesting and practical. Hire a media coach or join something like Toast Masters or the Black Speakers Network if you need help getting your public speaking skills upgraded. Those who tell the best stories, win. Hands down.

3. Write short pitches. When you find a reporter or producer you’d like to pitch (I suggest reading the publication or listening/watching their shows first) and address them by their name. Tell them in bullet points why you think your story would interest their audience. Don’t write too much in an email. Make it a: 30 seconds read and offer to send additional information if they’re interested. They’ll appreciate your brevity and will reach out if it’s something they can use. If not, don’t take it personally. Follow up in 48 hours to see if they’ve read it and try CALLING and leaving the same pitch but only in a voice mail. If they don’t respond, again, don’t take it personally. Keep it moving.

The key to pitching any media is about fit and following. If you match the right media with your message and the timing is right. You have a hit. Next time, I’ll talk about what to give the media in a press kit. About Pam Perry: An award-winning PR Coach who can help you build your platform, package your expertise, pitch you to media, put you on stages, produce your podcast and promote you so you can get PAID! 

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