Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Sacrificing For The Big Picture by Brittany Applegate

The moment you truly commit to the reality of what it takes to achieve and maintain the success of your dreams will be the moment you begin to truly sacrifice. We often travel down the road we see our peers traveling, but the alternate route, probably the route you're own right now, will take a lot of sacrifices. So what are you willing to sacrifice? Here are my personal sacrifices I've made over the years, to focus on my bigger picture.
LIVING AT HOME WITH MY PARENTS: If you have the opportunity to stay at home with mom and dad for a bit longer - do it! That extra time I spent at home allowed me to invest in my business, fund my organization, Brand Chicago, and most importantly - SAVE MY COINS. That time will allow you to grow a healthy savings account and live on better terms.
NOT DATING: I often viewed a relationship as a distraction, and the truth is sometimes they are. By embracing my singleness, I became laser-focused on simply what was in my control. While single, I spent a lot of my "free time" loving myself, working, attending networking events, building new friendships, and in counseling. When the time is right, he or she will be right on time.
WORKING A JOB YOU HATE: Although today's trend is to leave Corporate America and work for yourself - it's just not that easy. It takes a lot of wisdom, planning, preparation, and prayer to make such a leap; but what can you do while at the job you hate? In the midst of being at a job that made me miserable, I learned how to properly plan experiential events, valuable experience that has carried over into event planning for my organization, Brand Chicago. Once the lesson was realized, God allowed me to transition. Pay attention to what it is you're supposed to take away from the job you hate that will prepare you for The Big Picture.
TIME: When focused on The Big Picture, you don't actually lose time, you just become very particular about where it's being applied. If an outing isn't on my calendar you may not see me there. If you call me without an appointment or pre-call text, I may not answer. Why? Because my time has become reserved for doing all the things necessary for The Big Picture. 
So what does the big picture look like for you? It may look like:
  • ·  Starting and funding your new business!
  • ·  Covering the down payment and closing costs on a new condo/house!
  • ·   International vacations that don't deplete your savings account!
  • ·   Accepting an offer at a new job you actually like!
  • ·   Getting out of debt!
  • ·   A healthy relationship with someone who gets you!
  • ·   Starting a college fund for your child who doesn't even know how hard you're working right now for their bright future!

Define your big picture, and identify the uncomfortable sacrifices you'll need to make to make it happen. Don't get caught up in anyone else's journey - focus on what's in front of you, because here's the reality - if you do what is easy, your life will be hard. But if you are willing to sacrifice and do what is hard your life will be easy. 
To learn more about Brittany www.brittanyapplegate.com  Twitter: @BrittApplegate

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