Friday, June 1, 2018

How To Stand Out From The Crowd by Pam Perry

So you want to be seen? You want to be noticed in the marketplace. You need to have a strong brand to get business. You need to be visible.

Visibility has a lot to do with the answer to these questions.

o How well-known are you?
o Do you have an email list of subscribers?
o Do you have a blog or newsletter fans and followers?
o Do you have a history as a guest speaker, both online and off?
o Are you visible and active, online and off, in your niche community?

When you go to a networking event and you meet someone, does it take longer than two sentences to tell them a little about what you do? If so, you need to work on that. And if it short, is it memorable? Does it cause intrigue or make people yawn?

Here are some tips to make yourself a memorable brand:

1. Uplevel your visual marketing materials. Have a professional brand strategist or hire a coach to help you sort out the best way to make an impact on things like logos, biz cards, presentations, websites, social media buttons, and banners. And please, have professional photos! Not just a head shot, but business branding and lifestyle shots.

2. Come up with a slogan. Not everyone has a slogan, but catchy phrases help people remember you. Mine: “Pam Perry PR – We help you brand like a superstar!”

3. Define and display your signature style. The way you dress is part of your marketing package (online and off). Depending on your business you might have a signature style that people will remember and respect. Whether it’s crisp business or urban chic or unique eyeglass framer – almost everyone has something that stands out about them. Or maybe it’s a signature color that matches your logo. Remember Mary Kay and her pink. She also always wore a bumble bee. I love butterflies – great conversation starters too.

4. Become a walking-talking billboard. Every encounter you make with someone, online or off, is a branding opportunity. Become an expert at selling yourself. Don’t be afraid to nominate yourself for awards too. If you don’t, who will? You want to win? Be ready to fill out that nomination form yourself and submit that professional photo and bio.

If you want to stand out, remember to be bold not blah. You’ll be remembered for what makes you unique and how CONSISTENT you are about sharing that uniqueness.

About Pam Perry: An award-winning PR Coach who can help you build your platform, package your expertise, pitch you to media, put you on stages, produce your podcast and promote you so you can get PAID! Visit Twitter: @pamperry

Stress Less, Live More by Tytannie Harris, LCSW

Hearing about or experiencing gun violence, police brutality, racial injustices, microaggressions, foreclosures, and unemployment are only a few of the things that drain us daily. These events can be very traumatic and may cause fear, sadness, guilt, grief, and stress. Unfortunately, these are things we have little to no control over. Stress is the reaction to life challenges and obstacles. A stress-free life is impossible and as long as you’re breathing, it’s inevitable. However, there are things that we can control. A lot of the stress in our lives is unnecessary and self-induced. Let’s be honest, some of us thrive on it. We don’t feel as accomplished if we’re not busy 24/7. If we relax for too long, then we feel as if we’re not doing enough. However, life is so much more than constant movement and engagement. There are several things we can do to decrease the level of stress such as slowing down, saying no, stopping procrastination, eradicating toxic people, exercise/healthy eating, and being grateful.

Before we can decrease our level of stress, we must first identify what our stressors are. What people, places, and things contribute to the stress in your life? Are you overcommitting? Do you need to take time to unplug? Get off the hamster wheel of life and slow down. Sometimes it is ok to say “no” and remove some responsibilities and obligations from your plate. In addition, we must stop procrastinating. That book you wanted to write? There’s no better time to start than NOW. That trip you’ve always wanted to take? Just take it. You’ll be glad you did.

We all have certain people in our lives that drain us whether it’s a family member, friend, or coworker. These folks are toxic and instead of confronting them or trying to change them, sometimes it’s best to just eliminate them or disengage from the drama. Don’t give them real estate in your mind. It’ll be better for your mental health.

I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times. Exercise eliminates and aids in reducing stress. Well, I’m going to say it again – exercise! It can be relaxing, allows quiet time and helps you get in shape. When you look good, you feel good. So, whether it’s going to the gym, walking on the lake, yoga class or meal prepping on Sundays, being in shape allows you to handle the stressors in your life.

Lastly, be grateful. Having gratitude and putting positive energy into the universe will greatly eliminate the stressors in your life. I know that life can sometimes get tough, but take a moment and reflect on what you have and the people in your life. At the end of the day, tomorrow is promised to no one, but today is. Seize the moment and claim your best life!

Tytannie Harris is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Life Coach. She is the owner of TMH Behavioral Services, P.C., a group private practice located in Chicago, IL. Find out more about Tytannie at