Thursday, February 7, 2019

5 Tips to Foster Better Business by Felicia Shakespeare

I had the opportunity to be a segment guest for WVON Radio (1690, Chicago), a pillar station serving the Chicago community. This station is one of the top in the country. On the show "Real Talk, Real People" with the host, Art "ChatDaddy" Sims I had the chance to discuss what it takes in every sector to foster better business relationships. These are 5 Tips I came up with the following, enjoy! 

Tip #1
Acknowledge Customer Loyalty
It's important to actively maintain a sense of loyalty to those who are loyal supporters of your business. How often in business do we fail to keep tabs on those individuals who are buying our products or services to ensure they feeling appreciated?!? Make your "ride or die'ers" (most loyal supporters) feel consistently appreciated and you will create a win/win. They will be your best source for new referrals. Most organizations choose to create VIP or Loyalty Programs of some kind giving out discounts or coupons, rewards, and giveaways. You name it, be creative!

Tip #2
Always remain professional no matter how long a customer has been a customer (this includes family and friends). Don't show distress in hard times or when business is slow. Just know that you and what you are providing is worth the time and the respect of your clients.  Prevent crossing lines where there is no return! Sometimes becoming too familiar (chummy) causes a lack of general respect to be lost. Be the best, remain professional and others will respect your craft (in and out of your arena).

Tip #3
Customer Service Consistency 
Be certain to maintain the focus of a "very" satisfied client at the end of every transaction you perform. ALWAYS thank a customer for their business purchase, that's at the very least. This will look a little different in every industry but a "THANK YOU" verbally, via email, etc.  gives those invisible points of satisfaction that super cedes the money in some cases. Allow the opportunity for feedback from your customers or potential customers (i.e. questionnaires, feedback box). Always strive to improve the "customer experience"!

Tip #4
Know your brand or your customer niche so that you can stay on the cutting edge in your field. We can not serve everyone, but we can exceed serving a specific one. Attempting to service everyone is always ineffective. Remaining authentic and honest (stop compromising for the $) is a must.  Work on remaining relevant by always working to improve your product or service.

Tip #5
Remain in a Teachable Space
Good clients can add value professionally and personally to your business. You want to always maintain a teachable posture in your business because someone has already achieved what you are aspiring to. This is the next level, the core of building client and partner relationships. There's always someone that's at a higher level than you are, so you need to practice the art listening.

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