Wednesday, February 20, 2019

7 Golden Strategies to Help You Fulfill Your Life’s Assignment by Priscilla Q. Williams

Everyone born into this world has a purpose and an assignment in life. We are not here in this life to just exist and live beneath our level of creation. We were born to live a life of purpose, passion, and good health. It’s not about the amount of money you have in the bank or the status on the job. You were created for more. There are many rich people who live a miserable life and those who are at the top of their game professionally but they’re still not happy. Living a fulfilled life is something we all should be striving for. If you are living a purposeful life, you will be happy and complete despite the job or the amount of money you have in the bank. I want to share with 7 golden strategies to help you fulfill your life’s Assignment.

Know your assignment is so much bigger than you.
Most of the time your purpose is tied to serving others. When you are serving others and not solely your own needs, this will help you appreciate life and grow. If you are self-focused and not looking to help others, you will stay limited and stuck.

The bigger your purpose, the bigger your obstacles
The bigger your purpose is the greater your test. When you have a huge assignment to fill there will always be obstacles that will try to block you. I can remember all the roadblocks that tried to stop me from living my purpose in life. I had to push through, and there were times I even questioned my purpose. Now I understand that these barriers were designed to make me better and stronger.

Give yourself permission
Give yourself permission to walk boldly in your purpose. It all starts with deciding to say “yes”. So many times, we know what we are purposed to do, but we second guess it. We let negative influences and other people experiences hinder us. When you give yourself the permission to truly walk in your gifts everything you desire and need will line up for you.

Know that you cannot carry out and complete your assignment alone.
It will take the support of others to help carry your assignment in life. There are people who have been where you are and can help guide you in the right direction. Don’t try to do it all alone. When you collaborate and join other people, this will give you encouragement and support.

Carry out your assignment in a state of excellence
When you know your assignment and your gifts, make sure to carry it out in a spirit of excellence. It’s a terrible thing to treat your purpose and assignment in any kind of manner. If you are called to work with girls or women, you would do a disservice if you’re not putting your all into it.  If you carry your assignment with high regard you will receive the reward and benefits.

It takes real leadership skills to carry out your assignment.
You must possess certain leadership characteristics if you expect to live out your assignment. You must be focused, confident, transparent, innovative, and decisive. Leaders stay focus and stay committed to the cause.

Don’t settle for not living out your assignment
You must be willing to exhaust everything inside of you and play full out in life. There are so many people who will never fulfill their assignment in life because they're waiting on the right time. Life is too short to continue to wait. There will never be a right time.

Priscilla Q. Williams is a Registered Nurse, Global Nurse Educator, Speaker, Author, and Certified Overflow Coach. She helps women see their brilliance and live the life they truly desire.  
Twitter Handle: @thenursescoach_

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