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Learn How to Start your Business While Working a Full- Time Job by Priscilla Q. Williams

Entrepreneurship is becoming an everyday normal thing, and according to INC Magazine people are starting businesses at an all-time high. The question is do you quit your job and just start your business? Or do you start your business while working your full-time job? For me, I work full-time in my profession as a registered nurse and run a successful business. It’s not because I am in fear of leaving my profession, but it is because I love the work that I do as a global nurse educator for oncology patients. I want to share some simple steps with you on how you too can start your business while working a full-time job in your profession.

Start with what you have

What is your expertise, skillset, or knowledge? You are the expert in your field, and you have something that no one else has. Start your business based on your expertise, and not based on what everyone else is doing. Passion and purpose are also a huge part of starting your business, but you must provide people with what they need. Your business should solve the problem and help people become better. So, in my case, my expertise is healthcare and my passion is helping women live out their dreams. I combined those both and I am helping nurses start their businesses through their knowledge and expertise in the healthcare industry.

Know your market

Do your research and provide people with what they need. For example, If you are opening a coaching business, do some research on the type of coaching practices that are out there. Get feedback on the type of coaching that people are looking for and look at the results that people are receiving from coaching. In my business, I started working with nurses because I heard nurses complain about working the long hours and not making the income they were looking for. So, I decided to share with nurses exactly how I did it and how I did. This is an open market because there are millions of nurses looking to do more in their profession.

Don’t quit your job yet

I know you may enjoy the freedom of working for yourself and making your own schedule, but make sure you are mindful of not jumping off the horse too fast. There are many who make the argument that you are not a “real” entrepreneur if you don’t work for yourself full-time. This is far from the truth. Being an entrepreneur is a person who owns their own business and it’s up to you how you work it. For me, I love the work I do as a nurse. I also love learning, growing and being abreast of the latest information by currently working in my industry. If you hate the work, you do in your profession then that’s a different conversation to be had. Then this is the time to create an exit strategy by replacing the income from your job. Another benefit from starting your business while working is you can use your benefits from your job to set you up to work for yourself full time. This can be done by taking advantage of everything your job has to offer, like education reimbursement, retirement accounts, certification and personal development training, health insurance, and whatever other benefits they offer.

Know your value

Knowing your value is important in starting any business. You must know the worth you bring to the table and to your clients. One of the biggest mistakes I made in starting my business was not charging my worth and downplaying my business. I would discount prices or provide too much because I wanted to prove what I was offering. The downside in doing that was, I was not being fair to myself or honoring my gifts. I was also lowering my value because I invested so much in myself that I wasn’t receiving what I put into my own personal development. How you treat your business is how others will treat your business. If you treat it as a hobby or side-hustle that’s exactly how others will see it.

Overall if you want to start a business while working a full-time job in your profession, it can be done. It may be a little harder or take a little more time, but it will be worth it in the end. Take it from me, I am doing it now.

Priscilla Q. Williams is a Registered Nurse, Global Nurse Educator, Speaker, Author, and Certified Overflow Coach. She helps women see their brilliance and live the life they truly desire.
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