Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Protect Your Peace by Corvet Williams

Have you ever considered how much peace is important to your mothering skills? Do you know what or who ruffles your feathers that causes a domino effect of frustrating actions? As businesswomen and mothers, we carry a heavy load. Finding a moment to woosah after a stressful day, conversation, encounter, etc. can come be challenging. What I do know for sure is that whatever our day consists of, children don't know and don't care. It's about them and what they need from you. Depending on how old your child is, reasoning with them that you need a minute may not even be feasible. The last thing as a mom I want to do is to take out my frustrations on my child, based on something that has nothing to do with them. Which is why as a mother and entrepreneur I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings on this, never know who needs to hear this. Thus this blog on protecting your peace.

Balance in this situation is going to be the key. Knowing who, when and where to cut it off and ground your boundaries so you can be prepared to be a mom without outside influence affecting your interaction with your children. That could mean not taking calls for an hour before you pick them up or not taking business calls when they are in the car with you. Another boundary may involve certain people. It may be necessary to cut certain people out altogether or limit your interactions with them to a time when, if needed, you can cool down before you need to interact with your children.

We have put a lot of guilt on ourselves as moms enough, I had to learn through experience how to set limitations for myself. One day I had a really stressful conversation with someone and I needed a minute to calm myself down, but my toddler had no clue or care that her mom was having a rough moment. It would have been easy to yell at her or make her go away, then I would have had to deal with her reaction to me or worse my own guilt of taking out my frustrations on her. I just laid on the bed as she was calling my name and tapping me for attention. It was the best I could do at that moment and I vowed to make a change at that moment. I had to learn how to protect my peace while mommying. Honesty and reflection will help to figure out the best plan of action for your life and family. It’s well worth it, for your sake and your relationship with your children.

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