Meet BOSS Inez Jones Official Contestant For Miss Black Illinois USA 2012

Please Show Your Support for Her
Here’s how you can help:
1.            Become a Sponsor! Your donation can be used as a Tax write off.

2.             Be in the audience and cheer for her! Tickets are $20 for Sunday, Oct. 23rd at 11am. The William Tell Holiday Inn, 6201 Joliet Road, Countryside, IL

Tickets can be purchased at the door, just say Inez Jones’ name, or in advance, please contact Inez Jones at to become a Sponsor As Soon As Possible.

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Pay Pal:  Miss Black IL 2012 Contestant: Purchase Tickets Here

Facts about Inez Jones:  
Ø  Has sung the National Anthem for The Chicago White Sox 3 times!
Ø  Bill Gates Millennium Scholar, Alumni, and Ambassador since 2000
Ø  Vice President of The Jackie Robinson Foundation Alumni Association
Ø  Graduated with her Bachelors from The University of Chicago in 2008
Ø  Currently Pursing her Masters of Education from DePaul University
Ø  Works for Chicago Public Schools (CPS) at Kenwood Academy H.S.
Ø  Works for University of Chicago’s Neighborhood Schools Program
Ø  Published Co-Author of CPS’ Freshmen On-Track Handbook used city-wide
Ø  Published Author of CPS’ Sophomore On-Track Handbook used city-wide
Ø  Took 26 students abroad to Spain, France, Switzerland, & London in 2010
Ø  Sponsors Super Sisters, a mentoring club for teenage girls at Kenwood H.S.
Ø  Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated since Fall 2006
Ø  Proficient in Spanish and is currently working on becoming Fluent
Ø  Mary Kay Business Owner and Future Sales Director


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