Tuesday, July 16, 2019

3 Steps to Reclaiming Your Freedom by Yvette Gavin

Stuck. The one word I hear the most when talking to others about their current career state is stuck. From recent college graduates to seasoned professionals, the concept of being unable to move from an undesirable position or place is depriving people from experiencing true freedom.

To be stuck implies having to deal with someone or something unpleasant because there are no other choices available. The truth is that there are options and the only person that can move you from an undesirable situation is you. Stuart Wilde, a British writer, lecturer and teacher, said “If you are not totally free, ask yourself, why? I like this quote because it reminds me that I cannot be stuck and free at the same time, but more importantly, Wilde’s quote reminds me that it’s my responsibility to maintain my freedom.

Why do people stay at a company or in a role that causes them to feel stuck? There are tons of surface reasons but to boil it down to one phase, it is a lack of faith in themselves and a lack of faith that there is something bigger and greater for them. It breaks my heart to see people going through the motions because no one---employer or employee--- wins while working under the mindset of being stuck.

If you’re feeling stuck now, here are three things you can do to reclaim your freedom:

1. Love Yourself - Loving yourself is not about being selfish or self-centered. Loving yourself is about taking responsibility for your own development, growth, and happiness. It means accepting your strengths and weaknesses, making a commitment to work on building and correcting what needs to be done within. When you love yourself, you know your value and teach others how to respect you and your talent.

2. Have Faith – Having faith is believing in yourself. Faith is the knowing that you can and will live your highest dream even when it doesn’t look as if it’s possible. When you have faith, you pave the way for all you want and need to come to you at the right time in the most perfect way.

3. Do the Work – The Greek saying, “Faith without Works is dead” reminds us that where there is real faith/belief we are to act upon it. The work is doing in the natural what you can do to light the path to your desires. If you desire to become unstuck in your career, it will require energy from you. Start today with disciplining yourself in one area of work. Your work could be updating your resume, having a one-on-one with your leader, going to a networking event, or taking a career growth development course.

Why do you think people stay in a career where they feel stuck? What advice do you have for someone feeling stuck in their career? I would love to hear your feedback.

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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Self-Love Builds Self-Confidence by Sharon Smith

“Kindness is not just about how you treat others; it’s rooted in how you treat yourself.” — Londro Rinzler

The dating world can be a place where rules do not seem to apply. What works for one person can blow up in the face of someone else. Even though this is true, there are some general truths that apply to everyone while dating, no matter who you are.

One of these truths is that self-confidence is attractive. People who are more self-confident tend to have more success when dating because it is a trait that is very obvious to potential mates when getting to know each other. So, what is the key to self-confidence? It is self-love. Loving yourself and treating yourself well is the first step to developing self-confidence that will radiate to other people and help you find more success in other areas of your life including dating.

The More You Want to Please Others, the Less Happy You Are
How many times have you heard someone say, “I don’t care what other people think” and you've thought, wow, I wish I could feel that way. For most people, the answer is a lot. It is difficult to brush off what people think of you, and because of this, many of us tend to try and please others all the time. When you try to please others, you spend all your time and energy focusing outward and have nothing left to care for yourself. The irony is, the more you focus your energy on loving yourself and less on pleasing others, you will see that you will be happier and that happiness will result in better relationships more than people-pleasing ever will.

Avoid Those Who Bring You Down
Another impediment to loving yourself and growing your self-confidence are negative people who, either purposefully or by proxy, bring you down. Self-love grows through focus and positive energy, people who bring negativity and drama into your life suck that positive energy away. Take inventory of your circle and cut off those individuals that are negative and surround yourself with people that are positive. It can be hard because some of the people bringing negative energy are loved ones, which includes family.

Make Time for Yourself
You cannot practice self-love without knowing yourself well and many people really do not know themselves in a very deep way. Spending time by yourself is an important piece of this. Yes, it can be hard to get away and get moments for yourself but it is an important piece of self-love. Take time to do things you enjoy and create the time to be alone. When you know what makes you happy alone, you will better understand what will make you happy in a relationship and that will build your confidence.

Self-love is not always easy, but it is a must in developing healthy relationships and friendships. Trust me, it's a process. By following these few simple tips, you will be able to practice loving yourself more. So take time for yourself, trust the process, and remember you have to love yourself before you can love someone else.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

What’s in Your Toolbox? by Jena L. Bell

“When you realize that you truly “got this,” you can step out and move forward in ways you never dreamed possible.’ - Dr. Jena L. Bell

I love this quote because it became a powerful realization of mine during every period of elevation
 during my professional and entrepreneurial journey. At times I would find myself struggling, feeling uncertain about my abilities to excel at the new level. Maybe you too have experienced uncertainty at times. You get that new promotion or a new opportunity that you’ve been working for, sacrificing and putting in the effort to achieve. Then, when it happens, you are suddenly faced with self-doubt. Over time, you settle in and things start to fall into place but other times, self-doubt causes you to become stagnant and less motivated.

What I have found to be true over the years is that when this happens and it lingers for an unhealthy period of time, it’s because you have become disconnected from your true self. Frustrations and unhealthy negative thoughts have penetrated deep in the psychic and block your vision. When this happens, it’s time to pull out your toolbox. We all have one, we just need to be reminded to activate the most critical tool we have - sensory perceptions of who we are, who we have been designed to be, to whom we belong and what we inherently possess - our inherited gifts, talents, and unique skill set. These gifts and talents are not just things you do, they are your special tools, the essence of your treasure chest, bestowed on you to accomplish your purpose and impact the world as only you can.

What’s in Your Toolbox?

While there are many definitions and long thesis explaining the difference between gifts and talents, for our purposes, we will keep the definitions very simple. Let’s look at a gift as a special ability to do something while talents are inherited or learned abilities. We have both. You may have the ability to do certain things naturally, without much teaching or training. You may be a gifted leader. There are things that you do well because you were trained to do them. You may be a talented artist or engineer. Whatever unique gifts you hold, you can use them to create your path of abundance.

We often try to hide our gifts and talents because of what we believe others will think. If you had a special gift as a child but was teased about it, chances are you may have buried that gift. When those moments of uncertainty arise and self-doubt holds you, hostage, it’s time to unearth the toolbox and do an inventory of the toolset. Success leaves many clues around you. Look and observe past performances, look for even the smallest of wins. Behind every win is a success clue to your greatness. As you assess your past wins, you will be reminded of those times you overcame the biggest challenges or the obstacles that once seemed impossible. You will discover, “You Got This!”

If you struggle identifying your gifts or purpose or would like help deploying for greater business results, let’s Connect for a discovery call to see how I can best help.

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