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Check out success stories from BOSS members and see how they are networking, developing and promoting their brands through The BOSS Network:

"I cannot begin to tell you how refreshing it is to be a part of The BOSS Network. Since my embarkation into entrepreneurship, I have been introduced to many professional women's organizations that "say" they support women, yet lack the action in doing so. This network however is unique in that they go above and beyond the call of duty. These BOSS ladies do everything (and then some) that traditional societal beliefs say we cannot: succeed, support one another, and share our wisdom along the way. Additionally, we all know that building quality relationships is vital to the success of our businesses and lives in general. With what seems to take months to develop elsewhere, you get a readily available and willing network of women who genuinely care about you and your success, not just their own."
-Donica' Beckett, Founder
 DonicaBEmpowered, LLC

"The BOSS Network's goals and values are parallel to my own as a mentor and mom of a young teenage girl. Being a BLACKCARD member on the BOSS network I was able to network with other women to build my client list for my catering company. That decision afforded me the opportunity to travel to Atlanta to the Black Enterprise 'Entrepreneurs Conference' where I had the pleasure of bringing home the 2010 Black Enterprise's Elevator Pitch $10,000 cash prize."
- Shay Atkins, Owner
  Creative Turkey Cuisine

"Being a member of BOSS has provided me opportunities I may not have had otherwise. Networking with fellow BOSS members has given me insights, ideas, and solutions that allow me to be a successful employee without sacrificing the reason for working--my family. It is from my interaction with BOSS professionals that I learned a key to balancing work and family is that, 'I work WITH my employer FOR my family'. Networking with other professional women has given me the ability to be my own BOSS."
- Tangela Marlowe
  Revenue Analyst

"I'm an entrepreneur. I had been sending requests to various websites trying to receive a product review for my body care products. While researching, I found The BOSS Network and joined. After only a few months of joining and networking, the product review I was pushing so hard for elsewhere was achieved first here! Talk about a wonderful memory in relation to your business: Meeting aspiring, motivated women who make it happen is the BEST! I look forward to attending the future events..."
- Lenka Champion
  Owner of Primevying, Inc.

"Joining the BOSS Network has been a great experience for me as a working woman looking to expand my network of positive professional women. Founder Cameka Smith is an amazing visionary and a great connector of people especially women. As a professional woman with a desire to have my own business some day it has been helpful to attend The BOSS Network events and workshops. I would encourage any woman to join from the working professional, to the entrepreneur, the college student, or even the stay at home mom."
- Tierra Moore

Earlier this year I took a step back from some networking groups to focus more time within my company & clients. I honestly don't even remember how I came across The BOSS Network, but found myself in a supportive group of women who I connect with on a daily basis whether  by phone, text, social networking, chat, email ; we're in daily communications. I truly believe in The BOSS Network and have committed myself to the group 110%, even though I took a step back from other groups it was an angel sent for me to be part of The BOSS Network. I feel at home with The BOSS Network and I'm solely committed to it's mission: BOSS® “Bringing Out Successful Sisters ” to build relationships and networks to structure a foundation where women feel supported in their holistic lives.
- Kimberly Clark
  Wedding & Event Producer

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