Sunday, August 5, 2012

Today I'm A Goose By Victoria Knox

Lessons from a Goose

As a transformation coach, I see transition and change in everything.  I love the subtle but direct messages I get from nature. Changes in the trees from one season to another, quiet ponds that turn into sheets of ice, and the occasional flock of geese, which fascinates me the most.  While most days I compare myself to a strong, keen eyed eagle, there are many days I feel like a simple goose.

On any given day when traveling down certain streets, I purposely slow down for the geese.  I look attentively as they move in procession across the road causing the busy traffic to halt.  Whether it’s early morning or sunset, the geese don’t give a ‘flock’ about how much of a hurry everyone else is in!  They take their time and concentrate on getting to the destination.  They are focused and steady.  They don’t speed up because of the traffic or noise around them, in fact, they don’t seem to notice or care, but everything stops and waits patiently for them to get across as they move at their pace.

 My lesson from the geese is simply this:

  •        Go at YOUR Pace – progress toward your vision and goal.  Don’t concern yourself with who (outside of the flock) is in a hurry or where they are going.  Focus and move with purpose.
  •        Fly – don’t go alone but with others who support you.  When geese fly in ‘V’ formation, they depend on the fellow geese in the flock to keep the momentum up!
  •        Stride Straight - geese often travel in a straight line – the shortest distance between two points.  Zigzag movements can take more energy and time than necessary.

Moving at YOUR pace is not only healthy for you, but encourages patience and respect from others.   Whether leading or following in the flock, solo or with a partner or in a group, stay focused on reaching YOUR destination in health, business and/or personal development.  The observers can wait patiently as you get across. 

Victoria Knox is a personal and professional transformation coach.   To learn more about her, visit follow her at @VKnox