Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Transformation Starts Within By Victoria Knox

Transformation is not just a physical alteration or a single event.  It is a continuous evolution that vibrates from the inside out.  It is not just about eating vegan/raw foods/juicing.  One may follow those healthy habits for a short time, but still not be in the space mentally, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically to make significant change.  This is a primary reason why diets alone just don’t work - all the pieces (spirit, soul and body) are not in agreement and engaged.

Transform from Inside Out Coaching helps clients to begin the transformation process but first, one must feel led or prompted from within.  Let’s call it the personal why. Anyone can give tons of recipes or steps to lose weight or go to a seminar, but without that internal drive it won’t go much farther than that.  The result is usually frustration, little results, and a retreat back to what we’ve been conditioned to do.

Right now, take a closer look at the path you’re on when it comes to transforming, changing, improving your life.  Start by looking at what you do on a daily basis.  How do you spend your day – what are the regular activities? These are the things that shape you day in and out – they are also keys to either your success or stagnation.

The purpose looking at of this is to realize that often so much of our to-do list is based on someone else’s priority. The goal is to bring your authentic self back to the forefront, to work toward shifting the balance back into your favor – it’s ok to be #1 on your list – of course GOD (your higher power) is at the absolute top, but remember this is YOUR life to steward!  No one else is responsible for shaping it.

So if we want our lives to reflect and honor our most important values/priorities we must step up/in and be committed to having it – nothing can stop us from having the life we dream of or that God’s given the vision for – the only thing that stops you is YOU!  Change is inevitable, but transformation is invaluable!

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