Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Booming business busted life? By Cledra Gross

As BOSS ladies we thrive with mantras like GO BIG OR GO HOME, You gotta want it bad, If it was easy everyone would have it, Rise and Grind, Do whatever it takes and in thriving off of these mantras our businesses thrive but what happens to the rest of us? What about the time to cultivate and nurture love, the time to take care of our temple, the time to sit with girlfriends and NOT talk business and what about time for spiritual growth?

So many of us are drowning when it comes to life outside of business.  We push and push and push when it comes to growing our company’s  bottom line and we do it without any excuses but when it comes to that workout, creating quiet time to pray and meditate,  or carving the time to make sure we have meals to nourish our physical bottom line — we have all kinds of reasons we can’t get it done.  We’re patient with new product launches but short on patience when it comes to nurturing loving relationships. They should come correct or get out of our way right? 

We want to leave our mark and change the world and somewhere along the way we think we can do that and not include ourselves in the world we’re trying to change.  And I mean the “self” that isn't a BOSS but the part of us that is spiritual.   Anything we put in front of taking care of ourselves eventually my dear BOSS lady we will lose the ability to enjoy. 

Think about it. How much business can you get done in poor health? Do you really want to be a game changer and not have love in the game?  We would never drive our car head on into a flooded zone but I see BOSS ladies all the time driving their body, personal relationships,  and spiritual well being under water and postponing taking the necessary action. 

So what’s the solution when we find ourselves unbalanced and consumed with a booming business while living a busted life?

Here are 3 things you can do this week to turn around & add a booming life to your bottom line:

1. Exchange an hour.  
Exchange an hour in the evening for an hour in the morning.  Go to bed 1 hour earlier than normal so that you can get up 1 hour earlier.

2. Next.
With that hour exchanged use 15 minutes for prayer and meditation, 30 minutes to workout, and then 15 minutes to write a list of gratitude. 

3. Become unavailable.  
Find time in each day where you are not available. Let it go to voice mail, ignore the chimes notifying you of another email, and actually schedule times to be completely unavailable to others so that you can be available to the voice that wants to speak but can only do so when you make yourself available in quiet.  

As powerful as you are you cannot survive self neglect long term. As strong as you are, there will come a day when you need a hand to hold to get you through.  We need community that not only helps our business but touches our very soul.  Don’t spend so much time grinding that you grind and destroy the priceless pieces of your life.  You’re worth the effort to have more balance.  

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  1. Great article and so very true. Balance and self care is key. A nourishing spiritual life is essential.

  2. Thank you, this was right on time!