Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What is Your System for Health Care? By Dr. Taffy Wagner

Have you ever stepped back from your situation and thought, I have systems in place for how I run my business, how I parent my child(ren), how I pay my bills, etc.

When it comes to Business: 
(1) You know who your customers are
(2) You know how to get customers in the door 
(3) You know what your operating budget is
(4) You know what your expenses are
(5) You know who your vendors are 
(6) At the end of the year, you know if your business was profitable or not. 
(7) You are proud and will do it all again next year positioning yourself for growth.

When it comes to Parenting: 
(1) Nobody knows your child like you 
(2) You know their likes and dislikes
(3) You pay attention to their education and service to others
(4) You are aware of their dreams
(5) You ensure their basic needs are met
(6) You create memories they will remember for a lifetime
(7) You LOVE THEM regardless of the kind of day you are having.

When it comes to Money: 
(1) You know what your income is
(2) You know what your expenses are
(3) You know you have to buy groceries
(4) You like entertainment - whether it is movies, going out to eat, etc; 
(5) Some may be good at managing and some of you may not
(6) You are learning how to control your finances 
(7) Some will be planning ahead and others may be thinking about planning ahead. 

When it comes to Health:
(1) Do you know about your body?
(2) How do you currently take care of your health? 
(3) If you don't have health insurance, is ER your go to? If so, that costs more without any plan.
(4) If you have health insurance, can you afford to go a doctor?
(5) How many medications are you taking monthly?
(6) Can you afford all your medications?
(7) Are you so frustrated with the whole process, that you put it all on the back burner?

I believe the SYSTEM for Health Insurance is BROKEN!! I look at all the stories in
the News when I research and listen to the people that call me who can't afford
health insurance. Look in your immediate circle of 10 people, what do you think?
Be honest with yourself. We all know the law requires people to have health insurance, yet what is REALITY? When I look at reality, there are a lot of people and I’m talking MILLIONS who can’t afford the monthly premium, they have health issue (some not all), there are husbands who can’t add spouses to employer sponsored plans due to cost and there are people who have health insurance and CANNOT afford the deductible so they don’t see a doctor. Is that Health Care? Assess your situation. Health Care is PERSONAL and Individual!

Dr. Taffy Wagner is a Personal Finances Educator and President of Own Your Health Care, LLC. She educates people online and offline about health insurance, alternatives to health insurance, money and marriage and personal finances. You can visit her website at www.ownyourhealthcare.com . Connect on Twitter and Facebook. 

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