Friday, October 9, 2015

"Five Steps to Get Ready for Enrollment 2016" Dr. Taffy Wagner

Where did the time go? In less than a month, the enrollment period for 2016 will start. Are you ready? Or are you the one reading this that is still in shock from the 2015 enrollment period? How do you get ready? Take a deep breath and prepare to be empowered. Below you will discover five steps to help you get ready for the enrollment period. 

First:  Review your current health insurance plan. Look at your monthly premium, deductible and what y our co-pays are. Have you been notified by your insurance company that your rates are increasing or staying the same? If your rates are increasing,what is different in the new plan from the existing plan? Ask the questions.

Second: What has changed with your health? Do you take more medications? Do you take less? Are you eating better and drinking more water or are you going along with the status quota when it comes to your health? How you take care of yourself from day to day can affect your overall health. This in turn impacts your decisions when it comes to choosing a healthcare plan. 

Third: Was your provider under your current plan? Some people enrolled in a healthcare plan in 2015 thinking there provider would be there and later discovered the primary care physician was not. How often did you see your primary care physician? Will they be under the new plan? If you are unsure, call the office and ask the question. 

Fourth:  How did your current policy affect your bottom line? Yes, I said it. Do you feel as if you got the benefits you paid for? Or were you one of those millions of people who became UNDER-INSURED? That means they have health insurance; however, their out of pocket costs are so high they do not go to the doctor. Stop and take the time to crunch the numbers. I am not saying forsake your health. I am saying let’s talk dollars and sense!! Guess who has to pay for it? Guess who’s responsible for paying YOUR bills?

Fifth: Do not let them automatically re-enroll you when the enrollment period starts on November 1, 2015. Do you know if you let them automatically re-enroll you and the premium price increased, you will get the surprise of your lifetime when you have that first draft out of your account? Are you also aware that if you actually go back in through the marketplace and shop around, you could save money with a different plan? Set aside some time now and get ready for the new enrollment period. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me through . I’m a healthcare advocate and help people all year round. There’s no need in people being frustrated because they believe they don’t have options. Do the research. Make some phone calls and ask some questions. It has been my pleasure providing you insight into the world of health insurance and healthcare. 

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