Monday, October 19, 2015

The Struggle Is Real: Conquering Your Fears & Believing In Your Gifts By: Lauren A. Smith

We all have slight anxiety when trying something new. Training for your first 5K, moving to a new city, entering a new relationship, going back to school…all examples of things that may produce anxiety. Your thought is to be successful. What can sometimes make “spreading your wings” difficult, is when you have others who will attempt to affix their fears onto your shoulders…especially those who may be close to you, or those who you expect support from. It can be very easy to fall into a trap of second guessing yourself, which is why the struggle to be great is very real. Here are a few things to remember.

1. Your gifts are very real. It’s an amazing feeling when you finally establish what your purpose is. Working in your gifts is also one of the best feelings in the world. Focus on “the gifts” - ALWAYS. You have chosen this path for a reason, and the more you work in the space that was created for you, the more your gifts will make room!

2. Expect for people to have “something to say”. Support is great; kind words are encouraging; congratulatory messages are absolutely awesome. However, know that naysayers aren’t too far behind. It could very well be a situation where you are doing something that someone else
never had the courage to undertake; that’s not your issue. If you can remember that compliments shouldn’t go to your head, and criticism shouldn’t go to your heart, you will be able to push through!

3. It’s either fear or faith; there is no room for both. Fear is crippling, and will paralyze you into thinking that you won’t achieve what you desire. Faith, and a strong belief in your abilities, will stomp out fear when fear tries to rear its ugly head. You will make mistakes; you may even get
discouraged from time to time. In those moments, find a way to encourage yourself! What’s more important; your fear or your faith?

Not everyone is privy to your behind-the-scenes story, yet some may be inspired by your diligence. There’s always someone watching, and your example of not giving up is all it may take to inspire another person. Remaining positive is the key to being able to survive. My Parents used to often tell me as a child “your attitude determines your altitude”. I didn’t know at the time that this would be    something that I would live by, and that this would be the one phrase that would always force me “check myself”. It’s absolutely true; the way you think will ultimately determine how far you will go. Take comfort in knowing that you are not alone in the struggle to be great, and remember going forward that “whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right!” (quote by Henry Ford).

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